Monday, April 05, 2010

Loooonnnng Weekend

Well, that was both somewhat stressful as expected and a lot more fun than I thought it would be! We had a flash invite on Friday from T-Man’s brother (can’t call him The Coach anymore since he’s retired from coaching kids’ soccer now) and his dear wife to have “fondue chinoise” with them plus Nana. It was a delightful evening with just the 5 of us: chatting, drinking homemade wine and cooking our bits of meat, prawns and veggies in the hot pot. I even got some knitting done on the Green Star Cardi Reprise sweater.

Saturday was the intense day for us. We drove out to my sister’s house to meet up with a large contingent of family members and friends for my birth mom’s memorial. It’s been over 4 months since she passed away but because so many live far from here, it took planning and time to get everyone together. We all convoyed out to a windy wharf at Crescent Beach to spread her ashes to the sea and air and send roses after them. A poem, a quote from Gibran, a few words (I managed to get mine out without snivelling too much) and a “Goodbye, flowers!” from Princess Pink and we all trooped back to have yummy food and to visit with each other for awhile. Mother’s cousin Mary and her Santa-lookalike husband Joe came the farthest, driving from Pennsylvania via California. My sisters came with their families from Haida Gwaii and Mexico and my brother and his wife from Kamloops. Cousins came from Vernon and the rest from more local spots, including our kids and grandkids (the latter of whom were pleasantly sociable and well-behaved). It was kind of a sad occasion but it was so nice to connect with everyone. Don’t know why it always takes funerals – and weddings – to get the family together but it does.

Easter dinner was again at my sister’s with my siblings and some of the cousins. Not such a big group but a happier day. I was able to give my nephew and his wife the gift of the Pebbles Sweater (plus a much-belated wedding gift of money which I’m sure is welcome about now). They finally let me know that the impending family addition is a boy and they seemed very happy with the little sweater. May it keep the little guy warm next winter.

And speaking of little sweaters and such, I’m going to be knitting some more soon. Milady Daughter and her milord hubby are expecting in November! Whoopee! Another grandkid for me! Now that Stargazer is definitely not a baby anymore, it will be so fun to have another baby to play with. The impending new parents are excited too which is great to see since she wasn’t sure she wanted kids for the longest time. That old biological time-bomb finally went off! Well, that and her good man who is even more chuffed than she is. Heh! (Not to mention his mom. I can practically hear her squeeing all the way across the water from Victoria!) It’ll be fun watching them learn new baby-handling skills and I’m always here to give advice and support if they need it.

One leaves our world and another comes in. Life is funny that way, huh?


Cynthia said...

Sounds like your challenging weekend went well. And my congratulations to your daughter & her husband. And to you!

Louisa said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Cynthia!

magnusmog said...

Congratulations on the grandchild to be. I'm glad the Memorial service went well.