Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Busy Weekend Plus One

It seems as if I can’t find the time to blog on weekends. Saturday was taken up with shopping by bicycle:  first to the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market to get berries, tomatoes, specialty salt and pepper mixes and other yummy things and then, after a break, in the opposite direction to the magazine shop and lastly the closest grocery store for a few necessities. In between we had a sushi lunch at our favourite spot. T-Man and I both decided that our new electric-assist bicycles are the greatest thing since sliced bread! We wouldn’t have been able to do all that without them. I do need panniers of some sort though because it’s hard to carry heavy groceries on my back. We zoomed home after the last stop using our throttles for full assist! So nice to have when you’re tired and carrying about 30 lbs of awkward stuff.

On Sunday I went with my neighbour and knitting buddy Lauren out to Surrey to knit with the gang in the shade of Beentsy’s backyard deck. We pigged out on fruit and chips and had a great show-and-tell from Wenat, the Queen of the Pooling Scarves. It was fun, even though I accidentally let the dog out just as we were leaving and of course she instantly headed for the high hills. Oops. Hope Beentsy has forgiven me?

Yesterday was kind of an extended weekend because we went to the memorial service for one of T’s elderly aunties. Only family was invited so it was a close group and afterwards we all repaired to the local ABC Family Restaurant for lunch on Auntie. She definitely would have approved! We hung around after our meal and had a warm visit with everyone with lots of hugs and kisses exchanged. I’m sure the restaurant personnel were wishing we would all go home! They were great though and very patient with us, providing excellent service and yummy food well-portioned even for the elders and the grandbeasties.

Meanwhile, I haven’t gotten much done around here except the usual watering of the garden. It was super windy yesterday (made for an interesting service at the gravesite, let me tell you!) and while we were gone it knocked over my clematis trellis, taking down half the sunflowers with it. We managed to get it staked firmly back up again without breaking anything so hopefully the flowers will recuperate. And speaking of the garden, T got some shade cloth for the greenhouse which seems to be keeping the temperature down some in there. Now I need to make some weight bags to keep it in place better.

Just to keep this from being all words and no pictures, here’s the body of grandbeastie Stargazer’s new sweater:

Stargazers JohnnyBoy

I need to do the collar and shoulder button band and then pick up for the sleeves. The knitting is going very slowly because my psoriasis is making my hands all leathery and stiff, especially between my fingers, at the moment. Stupid Creeping Crud! Blech. (Dr. Serious appointment tomorrow where I will whine miserably at the poor guy. Heh.)

I also washed the beautiful New Zealand black Corriedale fleece that will become a sweater for T-Man. Eventually. Here’s a close-up of the raw fleece:


Isn’t it yummy? And here’s some of the wool drying on the deck:


It’s kept its lock structure pretty well, though I don’t plan to comb it. So soft and nice. This was one of the fleeces I purchased for the class with Anne Field but decided not to use because it was too similar in crimp to the “coarse” fleece. Plus it was very spendy (the highest price I’ve ever paid for fleece!) and the class may not have appreciated what I would have had to charge them for it. I’m so glad I kept it for myself. Mwaaa-ha-haaaa! Two more batches of fleece to wash up still: the little bit left of the Rideau-Arcott/Canadian Arcott and quite a lot left of the huge Merino X. And I managed not to break the washing machine this time!

Still reading the books I got on pattern fitting and learning a bunch. Everyone has a slightly different perspective on the subject! More on that later.

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