Friday, September 09, 2011

Off And Running

Just a quickie to say…man, I’m totally exhausted! I’ve cleaned and watered and weeded and laundered and vacuumed and packed and…now I want to leave before it all needs doing again. As soon as T-Man is finished work we do a last check and then it’s Holiday Time!

The weather is perfect for camping – at least so far. We’re heading east first to Waterton/Glacier, then south to Yellowstone and Grand Teton, then west to Craters of the Moon, west some more to Portland, north with a side-trip to Mt. St. Helens, north some more on the west side of the Hood Canal to Port Townsend, ferry to Whidbey Island and then on home. At least that’s the plan. Subject to change depending on weather and such. (Hopefully no exploding awnings this time!) Since I likely won’t be stopping anywhere with reliable wi-fi, this is the last post for 3+ weeks. Pictures when I return.

Meanwhile the old homestead will be checked as frequently as possible by Milady Daughter. She gets any leftover produce from the garden – except my precious butternut squashes which aren’t ripe yet anyway. Though I think there’s already enough summer squash ready for her to make relish which will make her happy. Most of the tomatoes are still green so she’s going to get all that ripen while I’m away. Sigh. Big waste of time for the small amount I got. I didn’t even get enough to make a batch of sundried tomatoes like last year. Oh well. Every year is a different story.

Off to finish packing. Here’s my pretty moth orchid which surprised me by re-blooming. At least the flowers last long enough for me to enjoy them when I get back.


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