Thursday, January 05, 2012

Defining My Style

I’m heading out to a Spectrum Study Group meeting today. We’re continuing to sew on our Camel Necklaces. If I ever get it done I’ll be sure to show it off! Meanwhile, the Madder Rose Shrug is still drying on the mats unfinished. But I am wearing my finished Yoke Dress. Show-and-tell to come.

Since I only have a short while to write today, I’m just going to muse on what does and doesn’t constitute my personal style. Such as it is! I’m thinking in descriptive words. First, what I’m drawn to.


  • practical
  • unstructured
  • artsy
  • layers
  • drape
  • skim
  • pleats/tucks
  • asymmetry


  • black
  • gray
  • brown
  • green
  • rust
  • muted
  • earthy
  • geometric
  • botanical


  • plain weaves
  • ribs
  • knits
  • devore/cloque
  • wool
  • linen/hemp
  • rayon/tencel/bamboo
  • elastic

Then, the things I tend to avoid or that don’t appeal:

  • bright prints (unless I printed it myself!)
  • lace
  • ruffles
  • full gathered skirts
  • peplums
  • jeans
  • pastels
  • white
  • very shiny
  • glitter/sequins/jewels
  • too oversized
  • tightly fitted
  • elegant/dressy

I have no need for office-appropriate clothing so nobody tells me how to dress except myself. And I’m well past the age of caring what other people think, assuming I ever did. I always joke that after wearing school uniforms for 9 years in my childhood, I’ve been overcompensating in the opposite direction ever since! So it’s down to practicality on one hand and my imagination on the other. That leaves quite a wide space to explore, doesn’t it? Even taking into consideration all those bulleted lists up there.

So reminiscing about my school years inspired me to leave you with a blast from the past. This was me at barely 15 in my Grade 10 photo (circa 1965, my first year of public school) wearing the second dress I ever made for myself.


Aren’t I cute? It’s a sleeveless jumper in a napped cotton twill and I still remember having the devil of a time getting the back zipper in correctly. I had to pick it out twice! Too bad there’s not a better picture available but most of my childhood photos are long gone. (Very long story.) Also note the hairstyle which is somewhat similar to my current one. Except my bangs are shorter now since I like to be able to see! I still have a fondness for turtleneck t-shirts too. Guess some things haven’t changed much, have they?

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