Thursday, February 23, 2012

If At First…

Well, I’ve redrafted the bra pattern to hopefully fit but I’m still chicken to cut into the “good” fabric. Cluck. Cluck. So instead I’m using the good morning light to use my trusty blades from Lee Valley Tools to pick out the gajillion layers of stitching on the under-bust line of my first version. I plan to add a strip there to see if I can salvage that bra to be wearable. It might work. At least it did in my imagination just as I was falling asleep last night!

Backing up a little, after T-Man got home from work at 3pm yesterday it was lovely and sunny so I dragged coerced asked him to walk downtown with me to Dressew to get more elastics and such for my bra-making escapades. It didn’t take any convincing whatsoever. He’s always up for a long walk. Unfortunately there were ominous clouds building as we went and we started to worry that we hadn’t brought umbrellas or wore raincoats. Just as we got to the Georgia Viaduct it started to pelt rain but we could see clear skies beyond the black one. So we hid against a Skytrain pillar for a few minutes while we watched the sky. We knew we weren’t going to be waiting long when the sun came out and a lovely rainbow appeared over the downtown skyline! Soaking averted. Whew.

Dressew is always an adventure. I fussed around in the elastics isle matching styles and colours for quite awhile while T patiently held the basket. I filled it up with a bunch of different ones that hopefully equal a couple of bras worth and got 2 metres of each measured out. Wisely I also brought a printout of the underwire charts so I could match the ones that I thought might work for me. They are numbered differently than the ones at Bra-makers Supply so I had to put the package onto the image to check for size. At 99 cents a pair they are cheap enough to try several likely ones. I have never had a bra with underwires in my life. Should be an adventure, no? Maybe I can make this work. Maybe.

Amazingly I got out of Dressew for less than $20 which is perhaps a first in living memory. Maybe because T reminded me to stay out of the fabric isles? (He would never actually try to prevent me. He’s a sweet enabler.) Or maybe because I was so focussed. Besides, I have a plethora of fabrics already which are languishing because of my current bra obsession. I don’t need more right now.

Alright. Back to picking stitches. There’s a total of 4 rows of stitching to remove on each side which includes the channelling. Plus a portion of the elastics. This ain’t gonna be quick. Have I mentioned that I’m stubborn? And determined.

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