Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Seems Like Spring Already

Thought I’d jump in here with a post because I have to babysit Rosebud for the next couple of days while Milord and Milady Daughter attend to some business. She will get some quality grampa-time too. At least she will be going home to sleep in her own bed at night! Rosebud is growing up so fast. She’s pulling herself up on everything and standing for a few seconds without support. Walking (and then running) won’t be long now. She’s just over 14 months now and obviously the old club foot thing didn’t hold her back much at all. Yay.

Anyway I have two Finished Objects:

New Year Socks

DIL socks

For:  daughter-in-law

Begun:  December 27, 2011
Completed:  February 3, 2012

Yarn:  Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett, colourway 4055.

Needles:  Blackthorn carbon fibre dpns, 2mm.

Pattern:  My Basic Socks on 72 sts, top-down, 2/2 rib, flap heel, standard toe.

Comments:  These took over a month to finish for some reason. I used the balls of yarn left over from Rosebud’s Sucky Mitts but had to break into more balls to finish these. I think I could have gotten a pair for me out of the leftovers but the White Lady has lovely big feet!

And in the sewing department:

Snuggle Robe


For:  me

Completion:  February 3, 2012

Fabric:  Polyester terry fleece, charcoal, 2 metres of 60” wide. Cotton/lycra heavy ribbing, .5 metre of 44” wide.

McCalls4027Notions:  sewing thread, black.

Pattern:   McCall’s 4027, View A, from 1988.

Comments:  The body pieces still had the crease in them from being shortened 2” but there was no sign of the sleeves being shortened as well. So I didn’t change anything else and of course they’re a little long. At least the cuffs are tight enough that they hold them back!

I only used the sewing machine to complete this garment and didn’t bother with the serger at all. I opened the seams flat and topstitched them down on either side to keep them in place. The pockets and the hem were also double-topstitched. A little wonky on this thick fabric but they look serviceable anyway. The collar is a bit stiff because it’s a rather heavyweight ribbing. Perhaps I should have used self-fabric instead and had more of a cowl neck. Oh well. Maybe it will soften up with washing. It’s merely a minor quibble anyhow.

I’m very happy with this iteration of my favourite snuggly! It’s heavier than the old one and very toasty and soft. I’ll keep the pattern on file in case I need it again in another 20 or so years.

Speaking of pattern files, these Rubbermaid ones were on sale for two-for-the-price-of-one:


They fit exactly in the space under the south skylight in my studio. The patterns used to be in the bottom drawer there in the bureau on the left but once I started putting them in 9x12 envelopes they no longer fit standing up on edge. It was impossible to find the one I was looking for as the stacks slipped and slithered around! Now I’ve filled the empty drawer with fabric – as is one of the bins until I have enough patterns to fill it. I need to sort the patterns a little better still though and maybe add some dividers so I can find things easier.

That was wasted space under there anyway since the ceiling slopes down to only a few feet high. I can’t stand up under there but it makes great storage space and gives me a lot more light. Back when the kids were small each one had a bed under a skylight (Ninja to the north and Milady to the south) so they could see the stars. These little niches were built specially for them by their dad who took out part of the attic spaces, drywalled, put in the skylights and built bed frames on wheels so they were easy to pull out to change bedclothes and clean underneath. He even built a little niche in each space with an electric outlet for a light and a place to put books and other treasures. They had a divider down the centre of the room so each had their own space. This worked fine until Milady hit thirteen and wanted her own door to slam! Then T-Man and I had our double bed tucked under the north skylight and shared the room with my studio, loom and all, while Milady had what is now our bedroom on the main floor.

So what else is new? I forgot to photograph the Barbie Sweater that I made for Super-Princess and her doll collection. It was a royal PITA to get on her too since Barbie insisted on catching her fingers (and her tiara) in the wool but once we’d wrestled it on, it looked pretty good. I doubt SP will be able to do it herself though unfortunately. Maybe a different Barbie will be more cooperative? She has a whole town’s worth of them to choose from. Next I made a skirt:


Cute, huh? And there was a further request for a coat which should be easier to get on and off Barbie’s stiff and non-cooperative body. I’ll put snaps on it.

Whilst I was digging around in the leftover sock yarn bin hunting for Barbie-clothes options, I decided that I was never going to crochet the afghan squares that I started several years ago. I always lose momentum on crochet for some reason. I guess because I can’t read or watch TV at the same time and need much more concentration to work it. It’s also harder on my hands. So then I saw the Ten Stitch Blanket, a free pattern on Ravelry by Frankie Brown and immediately cast on. Just to see what it was like, you know. Uh-huh. I’m now kind of hooked (without a crochet hook! Hah!) and am continuing with that instead. So far it’s looking good:

Scraps Blanket_prog

I’m not really sure I’m doing the mitres correctly, but they look ok. I’m even using some rosewood dpns that T-Man made me many years ago and they’re perfect for this job.

Alrighty then. I’ve got to go do some work around here. T-Man will be home soon, the sun is shining and I need to do dishes and vacuum. I’ll leave you with this photo from Sunday:


This beauty was high in a tree across the street. First clue was the seagulls crying and diving around. Eagle just looked at them and they didn’t come closer. The crows were unusually quiet in contrast. Note the brave one in the tree below Ms. Magnificent. Perhaps he thinks she can’t see him there?

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