Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Top #2

No, it’s still not the BurdaStyle blouse that I started to work on awhile back. (But I think it’s going to be next!) Instead I tried a version of the discontinued pattern by DixieDIY that I was pasting together in my previous post here. I had a wee bit of trouble with it so I was glad I used a leftover knit fabric that I’m not horribly attached to. Just in case it doesn’t work out in my wardrobe.

Black Swing Top


Completed:  May 19, 2012

Fabric:  lightweight polyester knit with a waffle texture, black. 60” wide X less than 1 yd.

Pattern:  Loose Fit Knit Top With Cuffed Sleeves, discontinued pattern by DixieDIY.

Modifications:  I cut a size M for the neck and shoulders and graded out to an XL at the bottom. That probably wasn’t necessary because a straight M would have had less extra fullness. Also added a little to the length.

Comments:  Dixie included pattern pieces for the neck and sleeve bands. However, they were the exact sizes of the openings that they were supposed to fit into. The neckline gaped, even after removing a couple of inches of band length:

Neckline loose

Luckily I only sewed it in with a regular machine stitch, not the serger, so it was relatively easy to unpick and remove a bit more. Of course, I should have done the same to the sleeve openings but left the cuffs as is. They are loose on my skinny arms and stick up a little. This effect doesn’t show as much on Debbie Double since she doesn’t have arms. I decided not to unpick them though because by that time I had finished all the seams and it would be major surgery and definitely Not Fun.

One thing I tried this time was to put in a “label”. I cut and folded a little prairie point out of my hand-dyed cotton fabric and painted my initial on it in light copper fabric paint:


I know, I should have moved the initial down a little but I forgot to take into consideration the seam allowance! Next time. Now I’m debating whether to bother trying to retrofit more of these on some of my recent finished garments. It’s been bothering me that I haven’t “signed” my work. I do have some old printed ribbon labels but they don’t hold up to multiple launderings. And they’re no longer my style.

I’m a little unsure whether I like this top or not on me. It’s somewhat too swingy plus the fabric is not great quality and will probably get snagged fairly quickly. Fortunately it wasn’t a big expense in time (a couple of hours) or money (about $3). As a wearable muslin it’s pretty useful and now I’ll be keeping an eye open for suitable fabric for another version.

I have several more summer tops in mind so I’m not finished with this series yet. Plus I need another skirt or two. I’m getting lots of wear out of the Sweat Skirt and want more comfy not-too-dressy ones.

Back to the studio! I’m obviously having way too much fun here.

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