Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pocket Tunic

Finally, here’s the scoop on my latest sewing:

Pocket Tunic

Yeah, I know the photo isn’t all that flattering (quelle suprise!) and the colour isn’t all that accurate either. It’s a kind of greyed blue-green that doesn’t photograph well. The fabric is a super-soft and drapey synthetic something-or-other novelty knit that I dug out of Dressew’s scrap bin. It was replete with flaws that I had to cut around but what do you want for $1.99? I used the pattern that I used for this top (in slinky knit) back last November:


I wear this one a bunch, even though I get some rather odd looks occasionally. (Why?) It’s comfortable and so is the new version, which is similar but with pockets:

Pocket det

I had a lot of fun making these drawstring patch pockets! The drawstrings are made from a 1/2” wide length of the fabric cut on the cross grain, twisted and plied into a cord. I made teeny buttonholes to allow the ends through and the other ends are stitched into the seams. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

The other interesting feature is the back neck:

Tunic backdet

I finished the back V with a rectangular self-patch and my little prairie point label with my L painted in metallic fabric paint. The date is on the underside so now I’ll know what year I made this garment in. I love these and made a bunch out of my hand-dyed cottons, leftover scraps from the Rag Quilt project. The label idea was thanks to JillyBeJoyful! Much appreciated inspiration. I’ve been remembering to put them in all my recent garments but this is the first one on the outside.

We had a lovely day out in Storybrooke…er, Steveston having lunch and a walk with Nana, T’s mom. So now we are madly packing for another Manning Park camping trip with the kids and grandkids. There isn’t even very good cell phone access up there, far less any wifi so if you don’t hear from me in the next week or so – you’ll know I’m getting either bug-munched, sun-fried, fished-out, dinghy-floated, campfire-throated or grand-beastied. Or probably all of the above. As long as I’m not bear-breakfast all will be fine. Later, darlings!


Heather said...

Nice job on the top! And I don't know if you saw my reply to your comment on my post about Vancouver, but yes! I would love to meet up with you next time I'm in. Might be a while though...Enjoy your camping trip!

Louisa said...

I know you don't come over often (and why would you! LOL!!) but I'd love to meet up with you some time, Heather.

The camping trip is fun! We're just back for a breather and a lot of watering gardens, laundry and groceries before heading back again next weekend. Those grandbeasties are exhausting!

pao said...

ooo I love those pockets. I'll have to try that.