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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Another Drive-By Post

I have no photos today because it’s been so dark around here – at least until this morning when it brightened up a little. It’s only temporary I’m sure. However I’m too lazy to drag out the camera so you’ll just have to survive on your imagination.

I’ve been busy in the studio. I repaired the Not-Quite-Helena Skirt hem. So now I can consider it done! I chopped off the offending hem and turned a new one. I cheated on the lining and just took a couple of tucks all the way around above the lace hem which surprisingly worked fine. The length is much better just at the top of my knee rather than below which looks frumpy somehow. I wore it for awhile yesterday after I finished fixing it and although I do like it in some ways, the straight waistband is not especially functional on me. It fits the way I like, not too loose and not too tight. If it’s too loose it falls down and if it’s too tight it rides up to somewhere just under my bust! But because I don’t have an actual waist (at least in the front) it floats around more than my usual elastic waistbands and doesn’t sit quite flat against my decidedly not-flat body. A curved yoke might be better. I’ll have to try that sometime. Or just keep making elastic or partial elastic waists like my favourite Sweat Skirt (a post for which I can’t find. Did I forget to blog it?). It’s not like anyone is going to see the waistband anyway because I never tuck in my shirts.

I also finally got around to putting pockets on my Tie-Dye Tunic. Luckily I still had scraps of the hand-dyed fabric left even after I made a pair of panties out of them. I’ve wanted pockets in this beast for ages and it only took a few minutes to do. I used regular square patch pockets but put them on a jaunty angle. Another item off the list.

Now that I’ve got those few things done that were blocking my further progression, I need to consider what’s next to sew. There are quite a number of possibilities. I discovered that the latest version of Evernote for my iTouch is fabulous for quickly photographing combinations of patterns and fabrics and making notes so I won’t forget what I planned. Because it syncs to the Internet and from there to both my computers, I have the notes everywhere I need them. I love Evernote. It’s even free at the level at which I use it.

In knitting news, I’ve cast on for yet another project bringing the total of WIPs to 4. Yikes! At least they are all relatively small (if not quick) projects. I find myself alternating from one to the other without conscious planning – just whichever one is closest to hand. It may take longer but they will all get done eventually. I will have a couple of hours today of knitting time as we’re driving out to Milady Daughter’s for Rosebud’s second birthday party. Hard to believe the littlest grandbeastie is two already!


pao said...

Hi Louisa, Congrats on getting that skirt hem done! I know I feel that way sometimes - like every project gives me some trouble. And then other times I'm on a roll. I do know that everything takes way longer than I anticipated. Your curtains look amazing!

Louisa said...

Thank for your kind words, my dear. It's always nice to have some positive feedback especially when things seem to fight to be "born"! I'm pretty stubborn though so unless it's really hopeless I don't usually give up entirely on a project.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Nice to get a project DONE! I have a pile of sewing on the sewing chair that's been there so long I can't remember what to fix! I'll have to get to it over the winter. Right now I'm trying to organize my WIPS too. I've got 4 - yes 4 sweaters started for myself & none of them is close to completion. So, I really must get something finished soonest. I bought myself 6 seasons of Foyle's War from PBS to watch over the holidays while I knit!! Here's hoping . . . .

Louisa said...

Good luck on your progress, Sharon! I've seen all the episodes of Foyle's War and they're great. I love's me a good PBS period drama/murder mystery.