Friday, January 04, 2013

Time Marches On

But I’m not marching anywhere at all. Still sitting around feeling sorry for myself knitting and reading and drinking copious cups of tea to stay lubricated. At least I don’t have any pressing appointments until I’m due at the dentist for a cleaning next Thursday. I’m desperately hoping I’ll be feeling much better by then. I can’t really reschedule the appointment. Plus I’m in dire need of a haircut which of course is in the opposite direction of the dentist’s office. Sheesh. Groceries might be good too. We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Nice way to start a new year, huh? At least the future has to be looking up!

In my bored wanderings around the interwebs, I found a link from Stacy Sews for a free downloadable quilted pillow pattern from Tula Pink called Coastal Cruiser. No, I’m  not really a quilter but I do know how! And I have to make this. Soon. It’s a VW van! An older version with the rounded top and divided windshield so it doesn’t really look like our Fräulein (1989) but so cute! We need some new pillows in the living room anyhow. And I’m sure I can find all the ingredients in my stash somewhere. Even though the Pencil Princess has been using up all my fibrefill for her stuffies! Fibrefill is cheap. Or maybe I need to get a foam pillow form instead. Decisions. Decisions.

Nothing else at all interesting is happening at Damselfly’s Pond. Sniffle! You’ll have to come back later.


Sharon in Surrey said...

Get well soon old Bean. Lemon/honey/hot water soothe the throat. Strong tea & Irish Whiskey stop the cough & help you sleep. I am drinking strong tea & Carolans because that's what I found in the cupboard to stop the cough that never ends!!!

Louisa said...

I know it's just wrong but <> I don't actually like whiskey, Irish or Scotch! I'd rather have Napoleon brandy if I'm having something stronger than my usual white wine.

Thanks for the get-well wishes, Sharon! It must be working because I'm somewhat more functional today.