Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Good, The Bad & The Not-So-Pretty

Hello, my dears! I know it’s been awhile but, you know… The Hand. I was going to write a really whiny post here because I’ve been having some very uncomfortable nerve zap issues since the surgery. But suddenly things are feeling quite a lot better today. Perhaps they’ll be better still when I get the stitches out next week? Really though, aren’t they interesting? (Please look away if you’re squeamish!)


Not to question the resident hand doc’s sewing skillz, but I believe this is going to leave a serious scar. Which I don’t really care about too much as long as I have the complete use of my hand back.  I’m still hoping that I’m just being too impatient and quick to judge the results. It hasn’t even been a week yet. Patience, damselfly.

These guys will now cover up the horrific view:


Yes! I have my own Minions!

So. Enough complaints already. Moving right along. Naturally I don’t really have much to discuss since I haven’t done much of anything except walk (when I can because the rain has been crazy), read, and watch Craftsy classes. I’m super-happy with the Fairy Bra Mother, Beverly Johnson’s bra making class! It deserves to be the hit that it is on Craftsy. You can sure tell she’s done this one a jillion times in real life! I already own two of Beverly’s books and have made 4 or 5 bras but even so, I’ve learned several helpful new things from watching her class. I want to sew. Now! Shut up. Patience, damselfly.

The only other exciting thing I’ve done is scan a vintage sock pattern booklet donated by my mother-in-law, Hand Knit Socks by Regent Vol. No. 20. Surprisingly, it’s listed on both Etsy and Ebay and in Ravelry.

RegentSocks cover

It must have been a popular pamphlet back in the late 1940’s when it sold for a whopping 15 cents! Nana says she knit argyle socks for Thom’s dad using one of the patterns in here. This copy is quite well-used indeed. Besides the argyles, it also has some textured socks, cabled socks, socks with moose and maple leaves (so Canadian!), some ladies stockings, plus 2 sweaters. There’s a couple of pairs I wouldn’t mind trying:

RegentSocks Page19

And especially a mysterious technique for knitting diamond patterned socks in the round just might need to be explored:

RegentSocks Page7

When I can actually knit properly again. Patience, damselfly!

Anyway, to that end I scanned all the pages, printed out an enhanced copy that was much more readable and then put the original in a heavy page protector to keep along with the printout. Now I’m trying to remember way-way back in ancient history – old Canadian/UK size 13 needles are 2.25mm, yes? I remember when I thought those were really tiny. Now I knit most socks on 2mm (old size 14’s) and have been known to go even smaller on occasion. Anyway, this pamphlet is like an archaeological dig! I wonder how the old yarns compare with modern sock yarns?

In other news, I hope you have gone and checked out Wendy’s Blog Hop post that came out on Monday following Myrna’s last week. Next will be Gayle’s linked from Wendy’s and you won’t want to miss that one either! So many great creative garment makers out there, plus other crafty stuff! I feel really blessed to be part of such a great collection of delightful, artistic, thoughtful and inspiring women.

Whilst I wait (patiently!) for healing to happen, Thom is being a huge help and is learning more about cooking than he ever wanted to know! So far I can’t chop or lift anything heavy with my right hand. But together we’ve managed a lot of basic housekeeping and kitchen stuff that I usually do by myself, me directing when necessary. At least I finally made a pot of tea without assistance and washed most of the dishes today (with The Hand sporting a disposable nitrile glove). Baby steps. So frustrating though when I want to be flitting about in my usual manner! Good thing all the Holiday Stuff is elsewhere this year (I so appreciate my responsible adult children!) and the minimal gifts are ready to go. I can’t imagine if I had to make the usual full-on turkey dinner for 25+ family members only a couple of weeks from now. Yikes! Normally it would be no problem. Not this time, honey. I haven’t even put the decorations yet on Scheff, my very large and very old Schefflera arboricola who lives in the dining room and has been serving as my Christmas tree for a number of years now. OK, so he’s not a fir tree. But he is an actual live plant and enjoys the decorations! So much so that we never find all of them when we try to put them away and he ends up sporting some leftovers all year around. Sneaky thing! Doncha love it when your houseplants get uppity on ya?

More soon. Less moaning. (I hope.) Maybe even a photo of Scheff in full holiday regalia.


Dixie said...

Hang in there, girlfriend. You'll be up and sewing in no time!

Heather said...

I used to have that booklet! I gave it away in a huge stash clearing effort.
Glad you are getting better. And flaunt your stitches! Tell people you have taken the textile arts to a new level!

Sharon in Surrey said...

That's a hefty boo-boo there Old Thang. A little vitamin E oil right out of the capsule helps the healing - I used it on my wrist after surgery. Sometimes you NEED a break from Crafting to explore what's out there - take advantage!!! I've seen that booklet but I used the Beehive Sock book when I first started to knit socks.

Sharon in Surrey said...

By the way, I love your Schefflera Christmas tree!!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're healing. once those surgeon's knots are removed you'll be knitting up a storm.

Susan said...

hey Louisa,
I have been somewhat preoccupied of late and so not up today on Damselfly's goings on!
That does look nasty and painful to boot. I think the Dr could take a class or two on proper tiny stitching.... but in the mean time I think it will heal okay. In time it will subside and be the source of stories !

Heal well....

Louisa said...

Thanks so much for all the lovely healing thoughts you've all sent my way! And sending some back to Susan too who just had a hip replacement. I particularly love Heather's comment: "Tell people you have taken the textile arts to a new level!" I'm thinking of it now as "extreme stitching". LOL!!!