Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mia Tunic On Me!

Since I'm still stuck (perhaps forever) using Blogger's horrid post interface, here's a short one for you.

This was me a couple of days ago in my Happy Place reading Jenny Balfour-Paul's Indigo book and knitting madly away on my Mia Tunic:

Note the glass of wine close at hand. Only drink wine while knitting uncomplicated patterns! Sage advice, yes?

So when all the knitting was finally done, blocked and dried, and I got to try it on:

You have to see the cute back detail:

Sorry it's not more clear in this photo. The natural colours of the yarns aren't showing the gathering and seed stitch "tail" as well as I'd prefer. But trust me, it's adorable.

After I wore the tunic for a little while I realised that the armholes were still a wee bit loose even though I skipped a lot more stitches with the crochet edging than suggested in the patten. Undaunted I took a needle and matching thread and just gathered the first row of single crochet stitches from the back a little. After a hot steam press with the iron it looks much better. Though I think the picots are going to be folding down a little under my arm. Oh well. Absolute perfection is never truly attainable anyhow.

My conclusions are that my Mia Tunic is very comfortable and a great use for this combination of weaving yarns. I'm sure it will get lots of wear this summer. Great pattern! Thanks, Jennifer Wood and!

On to other things. I've started my Alpaca Tweed Cardi and my addition of pockets to the Larch Cardigan is going pretty well. I hope to get a photo of this brain-bending process for you soon. Meanwhile, it's time to go out and play in the garden. There's weeds growing and green and red things to pick.


Anonymous said...

love the first picture, isn't life grand! top looks very stylish and comfy.

Louisa said...

Yes, life is very grand! I'm enjoying the late spring weather and spending as much time outside as possible. Thanks for the encouragement, Jean!

Sharon in Surrey said...

Good use of old weaving yarns!! I like your top even though it has no color - I keep remembering that RED dress you made - but I really like the little panel of seed in the front & the picot edging. Very nice. The fit seems to be good as well. It should make a nice layering piece. I can see it under a jacket or even on it's own with walking shorts. I hope you get YEARS of wear out of it after ALL that knitting.