Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Wanderers Return

There's no place like home!

Yes, we're finally back - on Day 40! It was so difficult that we almost had to force ourselves because the weather was still lovely and sunny and relatively warm for the beginning of October. However, the deep red of the vine maples and the U-pick pumpkin patches reminded us that the season is waning and the chances are good that we could very well hit a storm any day now.

Right now I'm currently tucked in my own bed, absolutely stuffed with sushi from our favourite Tokyo John's (so missed it!) and surrounded by piles of laundry and sundry items to be put away. There was quite a record freak windstorm while we were gone and even though the family rallied around our Guardian Nephew, aka the housesitter, there's a lot of cleanup still to do in the yard. We really don't mind though. He did a great job and everything is as well taken care of as we can ever expect. It's hard when you are gone so long and nobody has enough time or cares as much as we do. We totally get it. Anyway Thom and I will enjoy getting back into things now that we're home again.

We had an absolutely fantastic time and I know everyone is impatiently waiting for some details and photos from the epic journey, right? Hang in there, my dears! It's coming very soon.

It's just so good to be home! Man, I really really need a hot shower...


Anonymous said...

good to hear you're back safe and sound. Time to line up the winter projects.

The socklady said...

Have been checking in every couple of days to see if you were back missed reading your blog.

Heather said...

Welcome home!