Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Corbie's First Post

Hello Everyone! I finally found a simple interface to post from my iPad. Yay!

It's not perfect but at least I can get my thoughts out of my head and into my blog without booting up the computer. Above is my Scarlet Minimalist (I tried to link it but it's not working - just go to my Rav projects). The pattern is a free Ravelry download by Anna Kuduja. Of course I had to refigure it for my figure. Heh! My gauge was off in the doubled mohair yarn from the weaving stash. So used several of the hints from those who had gone before and did another couple of rounds of increases to make a smoother yoke and an extra few at the bust line after the armholes were divided off to fit the girls. I also did some hip shaping instead of just continuing straight down and knit a few inches longer because I know this thing is going to curl like mad.

The mohair yarn softened up a lot after it was washed and blocked. It does need something underneath though as it's pretty sheer. This was a fun experiment and I hope it fits into my wardrobe. The bright red is a good colour and actually goes with a lot.

And there you go! I've been sewing the vest that I mentioned in the last post. Not done yet but tomorrow is my Spectrum Study Group so it will have to wait. And so will you!

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