Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Looking Back And Looking Forward

Well, it's all over for another year! Yay! We had a delightful New Years Eve and Day spent with the extended family. Our gift to the immediate family went really well on Sunday. It was an "experiential" gift - a day at the aquarium, including lunch at the cafe. All eleven, kids and adults, deemed it a perfect adventure. Even the weather cooperated. It was cool but sunny so we could enjoy the beluga show and even eat outside without completely freezing our behinds off. Alleluia! 

So now we're back in production mode. But first I thought I'd check to see what I managed to accomplish in 2015:

  Shawls & scarves = 3
  Socks = 2
  Sweaters = 7
  Tunics = 2
  Hats = 2
  Mitts = 1
  Hot water bottle cover = 1
  Glasses sock = 1
Total = 19 (including 8 in handspun)

  Scarves = 5
  Tops = 9
  Dresses = 2
  Pants & leggings = 3
  Pillow = 1
Total = 20

  Guitar strap = 1

Grand total = 40

Still in progress
  Knitting = 2
  Sewing = at least 6!
And a lot more in the wings.

I'm too lazy to look to see if this is more or less than last year. Besides, who cares? It's not a contest, not even with myself. I'm just satisfied if they turn out useful. Speaking of which, I moved the buttons on my Alpaca Tweed Cardi (Larch Cardigan pattern by Amy Christoffers). They weren't sitting well so I moved them out to the edge of the collar:

Much better! I noticed quite a number of knitters on Ravelry have done the same. Though I liked the effect of the off-centred buttons it just didn't work comfortably for me. I've been wearing this one a lot because it's very warm and has long sleeves and a high shawl collar. It's pilling a bit under the arms but they pick off easily. Now I consider this project an unqualified success. I also tightened up the buttonholes on my Black Raspberry Amiga (original pattern by Mags Kandis). It's amazing to me how a simple repair can take something from vaguely annoying to perfect! Note to self - just DO it.

So what's coming up in damselfly's pond...er, studio? Lots of sewing. And I've nearly finished the red lace beret. Plus I hope to finally - after an entire year - weave off that Summer & Winter placemat warp that's been stuck since I hurt my hand. No excuses now. And it might be nice to put on a new warp. You never know. Stranger things have happened. Heh.

Off to do a heap of housework and then dig into the beret knitting. I am totally sick of this one stuck on my needles!

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