Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Two More Sewing FOs

As you might have noticed I'm trying to post more frequently. If they can't be very long at least they can be often!

These two pieces are from the same fabric that I bought in September in Portland on our way home from Colorado. It's a cotton/Lycra French terry in a charcoal mix. It was supposed to be for Thom but I was happy that there was just enough to squeeze out a top for me too. I love this stuff. It's easy to wear, not too warm or too lightweight, skims the curves instead of catching, and generally behaves itself nicely.

First as a warmup I sewed mine:

The pattern is a mashup of parts of my previously modified Katherine Tilton's B6101 (top half including sleeves, neckline and collar) and the lower half self-drafted. The pockets are single layer facings top-stitched to the front:

The stitching barely shows and they lie nice and flat. I stay-taped the opening edges so they won't bag out. Yeah, I know it's kind of a shapeless sweatshirt but it's something I just about live in this time of year.

This fabric is very easy to sew despite its excellent stretch capability. So the second go-round was done in a day:

Unlike a lot of guys, Thom is pretty appreciative whenever I make him something. It really doesn't happen as often as it should! This Thread Theory's Finlayson Sweater was totally the perfect thing:

This is the type of sweater that Thom wears all the time. This one obviously fits him perfectly so I plan to make more as soon as I find the appropriate fabric for it. It needs something not too thick since the collar front edge has many layers of fabric in it. This French terry is actually the third piece I bought! One was too flimsy and thin and one was too bulky. This one was just right!

Speaking of the collar, I got tripped up by the instructions. Sorry, dear Morgan, you have it with the under collar on the top side when you're done your tricksy method! I also get confused by the shaded wrong-side/white right-side illustrations which are the complete opposite to what I've been using for the past 50+ years of sewing experience. So I did it my way and the collar looks just fine and rolls correctly. I even remembered to note my changes on the pattern. Don't want to have to rip anything next time. Big pain in the posterior.

So I still haven't sewn up all the garments that I cut out before the Holidays. I'm currently working on the ones to be sewn with black thread so I don't have to keep changing it. However there are also plenty more pieces in the queue that will need pattern fitting before I cut them out. It's an ongoing process. Stay tuned for more!

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