Saturday, March 19, 2016

Communing With My Peeps

A car-load of friends and I drove out to Cloverdale yesterday to Fibres West, our local show and sale of all things woolly and wonderful. It's an annual shopping and schmoozing opportunity that's not to be missed! And there are classes and lectures too. I only bought a couple of things: cotton yarns for my tea towel project (from Jane Stafford) and some nice mid-gray Shetland roving (from Birkeland Bros.). I didn't really need the wool but since there wasn't any more of the mahogany-coloured Falkland wool I bought last year (close but no cigar) I decided to get something else instead. Though I will be blending this with something from the stash anyway for the large sweater yardage amount I'll need. And the Falkland I have already can become another smaller sweater project. Decisions made.

We had a great time chatting with everyone and ogling all the merchandise:

Lots of yummy stuff there but I swear I'm being very good these days with the stash enhancement. Let's be truthful - I already have more than I can probably ever use anyway. I'll leave it for others to enjoy the acquisition.

On the loom I can now see the end of the warp! Yay. I only have a few more inches to go on the last placemat and then I might weave just a small sample for my notes. If I can stand it! I want to cut this thing off in the worst way! Very soon now.

There's other things to chat about but it's late and I need photos first. I can share my first Instagram photo though. There were rainbows on my loom!

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