Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Adventures in Blogland

So what has that damselfly been up to lately? Not much really. Spinning, spinning and more spinning. See?
I'm nearly finished the second bobbin now and then I can ply them together. There's plenty more wool still to go though! I ply as I go along just to break up the action.
What else? Weeding the garden. I know - boring! However we finally had some delicious rain and everything is now sproinging up like crazy. I'm trying to make amends for my half-arsed garden this year by at least taking care of what I've got going. Lots of greens (and reds) for the salad anyhow.
Oh and I got invited to a brunch with some delightful blogger buddies! There was Melanie of Bag and a Beret:  
And Shelley of Forest City Fashionista who was visiting from London, Ontario, along with Sue from A Colourful Canvas:
We ate at the delicious Acme Cafe in downtown Vancouver. I felt like I got to play in the sandbox with the big kids! I adore these women and their sense of playfulness and fun. Go visit their blogs for more photos. Dear Melanie actually managed to get a decent pic of your notoriously non-photogenic damselfly:
And you have to see the backs of Shelley and Sue's jackets:
Shelley's is actually a drawing by Melanie and Sue's is pieced and quilted by her own talented fingers. So adorable.
Whew! Now that I've floated back down to earth I guess it's nose to the grindstone...er, spinning wheel again.
Oh, by the way, I added a widget to my blog to help those who have had trouble subscribing to my blog for some reason. Scroll way down to the bottom and you can subscribe by email. HTH!


Sharon in Surrey said...

That's a terrific photo of you, by the way, AND you aren't wearing BLACK or NAVY!!! I like it even more. And what fun!! A Blogger's lunch. Yeah, baby. And all that spinning too. You have been busy.

pao said...

Yea Louisa! Now let's see the back of your jacket/ sweater/ shawl! I'm so jealous of the Canadian contingency getting together for lunch. Can't you guys trot on over to the mid-west some time. Ah, I know, you could orchestrate blogger caravan meet-ups...

Louisa said...

Sharon, my dress was handwoven by me back in the late 1990's. I wasn't finished sewing it until a couple of years ago though. (Talk about slow clothes!) You should have seen my madder red sweater that I wore on top but it was too warm in the cafe. Glad you approve!

And Pao, my darling, it would have been even more fun with you of course! We need to move Chicago closer somehow.

Melanie said...

I love that wooden thing you are using, the pliers, I suppose. Heh. You are so productive!! I can't believe you made EVERYTHING you wore to brunch. Incredible. It was great seeing you again! Yes, we must figure out how to move Chicago closer. Hahaha.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Yay! You showed up in my inbox this morning! Isn't it great when technology actually works, haha. I'm with Melanie...sooooo impressed when I saw all your me-mades at brunch. Have you shown your sweater on the blog? If not...you really must!

Louisa said...

Ha-ha! Pliers! You funny, Mel.

Sue, of course I showed it off! The Stripey Sweater was finished back in February if you want to check the archives. There's a few process posts in January too and the madder dyeing back in November I think.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I can't believe a whole month has passed since I was in Vancouver! I so enjoyed meeting you, and Sue at brunch, and the next time I get out there (I have no idea when that might be), we will do it again!