Friday, November 11, 2016

She Sells Sea Shells

I went a little nuts with knitting yesterday afternoon and finished up the shell for my Hermie. Yes, I'm making the hermit crab from Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh. She has an amazing mind to have come up with this pattern! And I haven't even started on the body parts of the crab yet. As I've complained, I had difficulty in the beginning but once I read the instructions more carefully and found the alternative method of short rows and actually paid full attention it became much easier to knit. Lesson learned. No distractions allowed.

Stuffing it as I grafted the last seam together though was rather awkward! I'm glad that I have lots of sock toe grafting experience plus some softie stuffing experience because doing both at the same time was somewhat gruelling over 135 stitches. My yarn was a little skimpy for the needle size so the stuffing (cheap fibrefill) shows through a little but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out:

It's as big across as my hand - so quite large. Since I'm not very good at 3D visualizing I had to blindly trust the pattern directions and they obviously worked though I still have no idea exactly how! It was fun to start grafting from the tip and as I stuffed and stitched it curled as it went, around and around. I love it. I may actually knit another shell or two before I'm done. (Or maybe not.) Meanwhile I need to make Hermie's many pieces so he can go live in his new home.

Today's outfit also uses some of yesterday's pieces since I didn't consider them dirty enough to need laundering yet. I left off the scarf and jumper and added a different top layer.

  • Blue sleeveless jacket, MM (again Marcy Tilton's V8709, lengthened)
  • Knit/fulled slippers, MM

My feet were cold so I covered them in more wool.


pao said...

I like the way you change up the Tilton pattern. It really looks good. I'm going to have to give it a go. And that critter, so cool. No, I'm not going to give that a go. no.

Louisa said...

The lengthened bottom section of this pattern takes a lot of fabric since it's a really big piece. However I bet one could seam it somewhere to make it more fabric efficient. I really thought it was too short as drafted. But then I like my tops long.