Monday, September 25, 2017

My Blogging App is Broken!

Yesterday we got started on cleaning up the garden for winter. There isn’t much food stuff left now except for a couple of squashes and lots and lots of tomatoes. I’d show you but since I upgraded to iOS 11 on my iPad yesterday, Blogo, my posting app can’t insert photos. Bleh. Why is everything always two steps forward, one step back?

I also wanted to show you the progress on my Combers Dress. I had problems with it while we were away because when I tried it on it felt too tight. Yes, I swatched - more than once even - but you all know Swatches Lie! So I put it on hold just past the bust and left it until I could get home and steam block it to see if I was totally off base. Whew! Luckily although it’s a little narrower than I had designed it actually looks just fine. Hopefully I can wet-block it out a little further when it’s done. It’s a dress rather than a tunic so I can still increase a little more on the waist and hips than I was planning, just so I have enough room for the Botticelli Belly. The only drawback to this lovely soft Cloudborn Highland wool fingering yarn is that it’s woolen-spun so it does tend to pill more than I’d like. Otherwise it’s turning out the way I’d envisioned and the yoke is a perfect mirror of our holiday this year. So exciting. Guess you’ll have to check out my Ravelry page to see it though! (At least adding links works OK.)

While Combers was in time-out I started the Seagreen Seamus tunic (pattern by Amy Miller) using the Cloudborn Fingering Twist that I dyed in dyer’s chamomile modified with iron to a soft green. This yarn is more dense and durable than the Highland Fingering because it’s worsted spun. I’ve got quite a lot of this yarn and hope to make several sweaters from it this fall and winter. The Seagreen is turning out quite nicely. Again check out its Ravelry page to see how far I’ve gotten.

And that’s all I’ve got! No fun without pictures, huh? I’ve sent them a message outlining the problem so now I have to wait to see how long before a fix appears. Meanwhile I wish you could smell the delicious scent of tomatoes from the dehydrator permeating the house!


Alison said...

I have to tell you that your Combers pattern for your yoke is just delectable! It makes me wish I had the bandwidth right now to do colorwork, and I am looking forward to seeing where you go with the rest of the garment...

Louisa said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments, Alison! I’m looking forward to the rest of Combers myself - I still haven’t resolved the pockets pattern yet. Some experimentation will ensue!