Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Beat Goes On

It’s currently raining mixed with a goodly amount of snowflakes outside so what’s a girl gonna do? Weave!

All the bright lights are so I can perhaps see what I’m doing. BTW, Thom made that Tiffany style stained glass lamp above me about 25 years ago. And he also made my oak weaving bench sometime in the 1980’s. It’s older than this loom. I remember Woolhouse’s John Low wondering why I didn’t also want him to make me a bench for Gertrude. Because I already had a nice one!

Well, I can almost see the warp beam back there now so only about 2 or 3 yards to go! I haven’t been keeping careful track at all. Just thumping away on it hoping to see the end eventually. I seem to have plenty of weft yarn still. The biggest grandbeastie, my Wildling, wound me a bunch of bobbins when she was over last weekend. Handy. Almost like having an automatic bobbin winder. Heh.

I’m wearing the same pants and T-shirt as yesterday. Here’s the slogan in turquoise blue that you can just see on my left sleeve:

It says: IMAGINE CREATE BELIEVE. The company was called Creo (“create” in Latin) before Kodak sadly bought it out in 2005. Anyway, the T-shirt has longevity!

I’m also wearing my Licorice Tunic Vest:

Knitted a year ago with handspun yarn and the pattern “Ebony” by Cristina Ghirlanda. I love this warm sweater and it’s been getting a lot of wear this winter.

Gee, I go for ages without Me-Photos and now you get a bunch in a row! That’s what you get for encouraging me. Hah.

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Good way to brighten a winter's day. fashion show & chit chat!!