Thursday, February 16, 2006

Morning View

The waning moon in the west this morning when I got up. Yes, I get up early. (I go to bed early too.) It wasn’t quite as dark as this looks though. Doncha love all the gazillion wires going down my back alley? One of those is my cable for my highspeed modem. I do love my cable!

Whipping right along on my rug binding — I’m halfway down the second long side. My old body (well, maybe not-quite-so-old, just wimpy) is protesting the unusual arm movements so I’m slowing down even more. Meanwhile I’m working on The Ninja’s tabi socks and reading my email and blogs. And the T-Man is wearing his new socks to work today. They fit him abso-damn-lutely perfectly! I’m so good, I scare myself. Notice how I don’t mention the Other Pairs of socks that were started and got hung up? Obviously I’m attempting to avoid them. We won’t mention that Jay-thing today.

This afternoon we get to take possession of our new set of paintings for the kitchen that we commissioned from our daughter-in-law’s mom. She’s a really interesting painter who chooses ordinary subjects with a different perspective. Our set of 6 foot-square pictures are all about persimmons from a bunch of different angles. I’ll take a picture when they’re finally in place on our kitchen wall. That may not be until sometime on the weekend.

I hope I’m not starting to take this lovely sunshine for granted! Not after over a month of nothing but rain and gloom. It’s cold out today though with a wind, so I might not be sitting on the deck later when the sun comes around.

In the “You Probably Don’t Need To Know This” file: I’ve just used my fine Sharpie pen to redraw some of the letters that were wearing off my computer keyboard. This is a relatively young computer so I have no idea why the letters should wear off this soon. Maybe I use my computer more than most people? Nah. It’s a manufacturing flaw I tell you. I never managed to wear the letters off so much on my previous keyboards. (Spilling tea on them is another issue.) I’m not going to go complaining to HP though. It’s not like I ever really look at the keys or anything! Wonder how long Sharpie will last?

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