Thursday, March 30, 2006

Quick & Dirty

Oh alright — it’s not really dirty. Just really fast and no pictures. Sorry, but it’s this or no blogging at all. I’m exhausted from a day of setting up the shop booth for Fibrefest and I have to head for bed soon. Tomorrow we head out there again for two back-to-back days of fab fun! Needles and spindles at the ready. Then on Saturday evening we undo all the lovely booth we just created today. It’s funny but it only takes a fraction of the time to dismantle as it did to build. How is that?

I hope I’m ready for my sock demo. Whatever, they’re getting what I can give. I’ve knitted a lot of socks but I pretty much prefer one boring type: my Auto-Pilot Socks. One of these days I’ll post the pattern for them. Very basic and can be knit in any yarn at any gauge for any sized foot. I have a demo shorty sock in very bulky weight yarn that hopefully can be seen at the back. I actually made socks out of this stuff for my late mom when she was in a wheelchair in the care home. They kept her feet warm and were easy for the laundry to wash and dry. She actually went to her grave wearing a pair of my socks. Being acrylic they’ll be keeping her feet warm for quite some time in there!

Speaking of socks, I’ve been knitting (finally) on my leafy socks. I hope to have enough to post soon. They’re turning out very interesting! I haven’t quite gotten down to the heel but the long drives out to Abbotsford Tradex and back are giving me lots of knitting time. Unfortunately, it seems really hard for me to find time to knit on something that I have to look at in good light. That’s likely why I keep making the same old plain boring socks that I can work on mostly without looking while I read my email or blogs or watch tv. I have a couple of pair of socks that are in limbo waiting for me to do something. Frog ’em or finish ’em — whatever.

Well, I’m off until Sunday. More anon.


Unknown said...

Hey! Can't wait to see your Leaf socks! Fibre Fest was a lot of fun this year. And I enjoyed your sock demo as well. :)

Funkyewe said...

Are you coming out to Olds Fiber Week 2006 this year? We could use some sock supplies and demos out here! ;)

Andrea Lindsay-Reimer

Louisa said...

Sorry, Andrea! I wasn't planning to come to Olds. I'm sure there must be sock knitters and yarns in Alberta? Somebody should take you up on this. There are a lot of sock fanatics out there!