Monday, April 24, 2006

On Earth Day...

…we built a greenhouse. Well, it actually took all weekend and it was A Lot Of Work! It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle made out of plastic and aluminum. Oh, and crossed with one of those games where you slide the pieces around until they’re in the right order. But we were a team, I tell you! Nobody lost their temper (much) and very few swear words were heard. Out loud anyway. Lots of beer and cider and pizza consumed. A few pulled muscles and grazed skin. A little sunburn and lots of sweat. This baby is never going anywhere ever again. I just hope my tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers appreciate what we did for them and grow really happily in there. We won’t talk about how many vegetables I could buy for the price of that sucker. Even if it was on sale. Ahem.

Ain’t it gorgeous! Yes, it’s huge — 12 feet long by 6 feet wide. No glass to break under falling pears or injudiciously wielded shovels. Two opening vents and lots of room to stand up in. Now all we have to do is re-dig the soil that we indiscriminately trampled, add some compost and/or manure, and plant. Right.

Yay! I have an FO to report! I foolishly started but very quickly finished the Fibermania Shawl that I started on Thursday. It’s warm and fuzzy and I’m wearing it right now! And no, Angela, I’m not confused! I might be incorrect about whether or not you dyed that yarn yourself, but it was you who gave it to me, hon’. Remember the Fish Ornament you made a couple of Christmases ago? Hey I might get some people mixed up but not you and Felicia and I didn’t even know her then. So there. (Shall I post a picture of the fish to remind you? It’s cute and hanging in my dining room!) Here’s the shawl lounging on the deck. I couldn’t get a good picture of it on me since my resident alternative photographer is at work. How do people take pictures of themselves in the mirror anyway? Here’s my results. No it’s not your eyes — it’s definitely fuzzy. (Note that thing behind me is my loom, in reverse, in the background. I will finish that warp. Soon.)

What else? Oh yeah, the wacko vest/top thingy is split back into two pieces again. I delayed splitting it for a little ways past where the pattern dictated (the only deviation so far) because the division seemed to come up too high. Not that I plan to wear it without something substantial under it anyway. I’ll try to get more done on it today. I want to finish!

The weather has been fabulous all weekend and into today — almost hot and very sunny. We actually had to wear sunscreen and hats while working on the greenhouse. The daffodils are mostly finished and the tulips are out in full force. My lilacs are budding but they’ve only just started to come out. Just as well for my hay fever though I adore the scent. Spring is well along now and everybody is loving the sunshine after all the rainy cold days we’ve had lately. I think things started out ahead of schedule but then slowed down so that now we’re a bit behind normal budding and blooming for this time of year. Some years the lilacs are finished by Mother’s Day which is only 3 weeks away. Pardon me while I go knit in the sunshine and listen to a few more podcasts. I can never seem to catch up. There's new ones coming all the time.

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