Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Problem Solved

Well, one problem anyway. I had a bit of trouble with my hearing aids slipping down out of place so I emailed my audiologist. (Gotta love that high-tech communication stuff, eh?) She reminded me that there were little plastic support thingies that hadn’t been installed (and that she hadn’t mentioned when I was there). She was going to fix them for me at my next appointment but that would have meant waiting a whole week. So I did it myself and…TA-DA! It works! They curl around in the cup of my ear and hold them in place better. Yay! Now they are comfortable and work really well and I’m in love with ’em. So is the T-Man. He really likes it when I can hear him properly. Wonder why? I normally only wear the hearing aids when I’m going out or he’s home, but I’m wishing I could justify wearing them all the time. The teeny tiny batteries don’t last very long though (one died already and I haven’t even had them a week yet) so it’s silly to waste them when I’m home by myself. Funny that I went for so long this way without even noticing, but now I crave the improved hearing that I get with my new aids. Just shows you what I was missing all along.

I’ve started plugging away slowly at the weaving that’s been on my loom for something like a year and a half. It’s the Boa that’s listed on my sidebar under Languishing. I got bored and distracted by other projects and haven’t needed my big loom for anything recently, so there it sat. It’s too warm to wear the thing when it’s done, but that doesn’t matter. I’m feeling the need to finish something from my UFO list. Especially one that’s been on there for so long. It’s kind of pretty I think; it uses the same ribbon yarn as I’m using in the Little Squares sweater, along with a bunch of other knitting and weaving yarns. The colours are similar to my Pomatomus socks, though there’s more orange in the boa and more green in the socks. They work together nicely anyhow, plus I’ll be able to wear the boa with the sweater. If I keep this up, I’ll have a whole outfit! Here’s the boa on the loom:

When you take it off, you tie up the ends so it doesn’t ravel and then you twist it and fluff it until it looks all rounded and feathery. Hopefully I haven’t screwed up the weaving too much so it still holds the twist. I’m not sure I followed the directions properly all the way through. It was too long between weaving sessions to remember what I did!

Yup, it’s all the crafts all the time here at Damselfly’s Pond!

Oh, yeah! I almost forgot to say Happy Birthday to my fat old kitties, Ms. Polly Manytoes (tabby) and her darling daughter (tuxedo), Julius. Polly is 18 and Julie was born 17 years ago today on my kitchen floor. Love ya, fuzzballs!

And Happy 17th Birthday also to Julie's brother Dhoughie, who lives with my daughter and her sweetie.

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