Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it's Thanksgiving here in Canada anyway. We had a lovely dinner yesterday at my brother-in-law's with the majority of the family attending. Very pleasant gathering. Yummy turkey, pumpkin pie, all the trimmings. This is definitely the right time of year to have a harvest celebration, while the leaves are turning and the pumpkins are mostly still in their patches. We went home by the light of the Harvest Moon, just one day past full. Perfecto.

I spent a little while working on my coleus plants today. The sun was warm and I really needed to get this done before bad weather sets in and my plants either freeze or (more likely) rot. It was really hard to chop chunks off them when most of the plants were looking very gorgeous. But I forced myself! I got about two dozen cuttings and they’re all tucked into starter soil in mini greenhouses under my grow lights. This is the aftermath of clipping off the lower leaves from the cuttings:

Isn’t that pretty? Love those colours. Couldn’t help but take a photo before I dumped them into the compost.

And here’s the latest pair of finished socks for T-Man that I promised. They're sitting on what's left of some of my coleus by the water garden! Just the usual basic pattern with Sisu yarn. Too boring to do a formal Documentation here. You’ve seen them before lots of times. Yawn.

Today I’ve been knitting faithfully on my Little Squares Sweater. I’m almost out of the handspun so I’ll have to do more as soon as I run out. Might be able to get most of one front done first though. Now somebody smack me — I just can’t help myself! I tried to resist another pair of socks right away (at least until I finish a few other things) but failed miserably. Yes, I’ve started to cast on in some Sisu that I dyed purple, deep turquoise and olive. I’m not sure who they’re for yet. I’m doing a K4P1 rib in a grown-up version of the ones I made for my granddaughter’s birthday. They will fit most feet depending on how long I make the foot. So I don’t have to decide who gets ‘em until I get near the toe. I’m hoping the pattern is simple enough to knit while reading. Of course it’s keeping me from the Pomatomus socks, isn’t it? Oops.

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