Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nine PM

A little late-night blogging. Oh, you don’t think 9 pm is late? How about if you got up about 5:45 am this morning? It’s been a long day. For me anyway.

What exactly did I do today? I…er, ahem…started another project. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have. I’m so deep in UFOs now that I can barely see over them. Yet, I couldn’t help myself. There’s this Canadian magazine, kinda new, kinda all over the fibery map with the subjects covered. In the latest issue (#4, Fall 2006) there’s a beaded knitted collar necklace. And I looked at all the beads that were on my desk. Even a spool of Gudebrod silk size F. And I couldn’t help myself. I started threading beads on that rich brown silk thread. I used beads that I’d bought on my vacation and a few from last year’s visit to Shipwreck too. The colours are lovely and I have about an inch knitted so far. I don’t know how it’s going to look when it’s finished yet or even if it will be wearable. But I swear I couldn’t help myself. Here’s the beginning of the threading:

I also knitted on the Little Squares Sweater now that I have some yarn to knit with. I spent a couple of hours yesterday spinning up another ball of the Tamarillo top from Aurelia. I’m almost halfway up the left front with only the back (the largest piece) to go. I’ll need to spin more before I get there but this should keep me happy for awhile. I pointedly ignored the Ribby Socks. I’ve already got enough projects that I shouldn’t be working on.

This is unfortunately a short post because I can feel my brain shutting down and the cats are wanting their supper. And so to bed, to dream…hopefully not about seagulls in sweaters.

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