Monday, October 23, 2006


Time goes way too fast. Or maybe I try to cram too much into it. Anyway, here we are at another week when I hardly know what happened to the last one. Saturday we did our usual marathon walk, this time downtown. We went shopping at that famous institution that’s older than Canada (but sold out to US interests), The Bay. T-Man needed some new undies so I also managed to convince him to get a few cotton knit tops with long sleeves that he can wear now that the weather is getting somewhat colder. There’s no dress code at his workplace so he can wear whatever is comfortable. Anything to save me ironing his pure cotton and linen shirts every week!

Yesterday I finished the left front piece to my Little Squares Sweater and I’ve cast on for the back. That’s the last and largest piece! I think I might be getting somewhere. I’m kind of getting impatient to finish it now that I’m so close. I was knitting on the front piece while we drove out to the woodworking show in the MINI Cooper. Ha-ha! T-Man finally succumbed to a new lathe, though he doesn’t actually have it yet. It weighs 600 lbs (wouldn't fit in the MINI!) and but he still has some work to do in his woodworking studio to accommodate the new equipment before it can be delivered from the shop. He has to rewire for 220 volts and move the old lathe out and clear some floor space. He plans to sell his old lathe so there will still be some room to turn around in there. Reorganising is very necessary. Not to mention spider removal. Good thing I’m not afraid of them! I’m sure he’ll draft me into helping wrangle the dust bunnies too. Maybe I could get the spiders to corral them first with their webs?

The show was interesting as always. It’s very fun to watch guys (and a few gals) go as nuts over tools, machines and wood as we do over fibres, looms and spinning wheels! They totally understand the urge to make stuff. And collect stuff. It’s just that their stuff is heavier, noisier and takes up more room. Well maybe not more room than my big loom, but wood isn’t as soft as wool. Even when it’s reduced to shavings. But I’m really hoping that having a new piece of equipment and a clean studio will inspire T-Man to get back into woodworking this winter. He’ll be able to make me some neat fibre tools with his new lathe. After all, I don’t even have a T-made spindle. Talk about the cobbler’s children…

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