Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I’ve got nothing exciting to talk about today. I spent most of the day with my scanner and printer. I was looking through magazines and scanning articles with lampwork beadmaking instructions and then printing them out for T-Man. I was also making a birthday card for my birth-mom and printing out more current pictures of my kids and grandkid to share with her. While I was at it, I printed out some photos that my mother-in-law requested and of course made her copies of the kids too. Whew! I’ve almost depleted my colour ink cartridge now. Luckily I always try to have spares available. You never know when you’re going to run out of ink. Unfortunately, unlike some bloggers I’m reluctant to share too many pictures of my family. I think they should have some privacy. Just my thoughts — others may have a different feeling about it. So you’re not going to see what I was printing out but they were great pictures. And no, I didn’t take these ones.

The weather remains so changeable it’s almost funny. I went out in the bright sun only to have the clouds move back in before I’d walked 3 blocks. It saved the rain until I got back home though. That was nice. We’ve had every variation on sun, wind and rain in the last few days. And we’re still boiling drinking water! When will it end?

My buddy Susan says in her comment that she got 100% on the grammar test too! Yup, we definitely must be old-school, m’dear. These days they spell with single letters as much as possible and no capitalization. u r not kpng up!! I know I’m not. Oh and they’ve invented a new word: “texting” to cover what they type each other on their cell phones. Supposedly spelling, grammar and punctuation don’t count as long as everybody understands what you’re trying to say. What? Didn’t all those rules come about so everyone could understand you? My cell phone (which I haven’t used for months) doesn’t have texting. Or a camera. Or Bluetooth. Even it is too old. Sigh. It really belongs to my DIL who didn’t want it. Neither do I but it has a year to go on the contract. I haven’t found a way to give it back. Maybe stop paying the bill? Now if I could get a cell phone with my Palm, that would work for me. I use my Palm T/X every day but I only use the cell phone for emergencies. I hate phoning people but sometimes it comes in very handy. Like when you’re stranded and need a ride home.

Working on the toes on the Socka Socks. Still blocking crochet squares and hope to have the diagram soon. Maybe tomorrow. Who needs to vacuum the house anyway? I’d rather fuss with little symbols in Adobe Illustrator. That’s way more fun. Really! I think I’m becoming allergic to housework. Too bad I don’t have the money to hire a cleaning lady. That would inspire me to clean! T-Man’s almost-90-year-old aunt has a cleaning lady and his aunt cleans up before she comes. She says she doesn’t want the girl to see how messy her house was! That just cracks me up — but I’d probably do the same thing. Ewww…who spilt the juice under the chair and where did all those clumps of hair come from on the bed? Cats. Wasn’t me!

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