Friday, November 10, 2006

A Day For Ducks

Quack! Quack! It rained all night and all today with monsoon proportions. I was invited by my Darling Daughter and her Fiancé out to a belated birthday lunch. I kept looking out the window hoping it would let up some before I had to leave but it didn’t. So I dressed in full head-to-toe Mountain Equipment Co-op GORE-TEX raingear, my waterproofed Blundstone boots, and an umbrella. I even put the contents of my purse into a plastic bag before reinserting it in the purse. I remembered my camera this time so you can see that my dorkiness was not unfounded:

Lakes and rivers abounded. Did you know that it can actually rain hard enough to go through an umbrella? Lunch, BTW, was yummy! We went to the Mongolie Grill where you first get a warm washcloth for your hands, then you go get a bowl, fill it up with yummy things (meat, fish, veggies, sauces etc.) and then get the bowl weighed. You have to guess how much it will be worth. If you get it right you get it free! I was only $0.27 off. Then they dump it out onto a big hot griddle and cook and flip until it’s done. You get a bowl of rice (brown or white), a plate of thin wraps, and soup with your plate of food and if you don’t like it, you chose it yourself! Mine was quite hot because I combined spicy chicken, garlic, curry & peanut sauces, shrimp, veggies, noodles, and pickled hot peppers! Yummy but my eyes were watering. Sure warmed me up after my walk in the rain though. But I hope I wasn’t hallucinating when I saw this in someone’s garden on my way home:

I think it sprung up like a mushroom? Or drilled up? LOL!! I just adore coming across this kind of thing. It’s such an interesting surprise — like a hot pepper on a cold wet day. Oh, and I get to go out again for dinner with T-Man and his mom. Thai food this time. I’m going to be so bad with all those carbs that I’ll have to be extra good for the next few days. Or I'll be sorry.

I also got a tour of Darling Daughter’s workplace. They just moved to a new building. I can walk there from my house but unfortunately for her, it’s an hour and a half commute each way on public transit. She gets a lot of reading, knitting and crochet done however!

No new crafty things to report today. I’m knitting on the legs of the latest Socka Socks for T. He likes them best plain so it’s an easy knit while I read. I got a bunch of new magazines yesterday including the winter Art Doll Quarterly, Belle Armoire, Bead & Button, and Interweave Knits. Some nice garments in the latter. I like cardigans with some fit and there are several in there I wouldn’t mind having. However, as one of the world’s slowest knitters I’ll have to pass. I already have enough projects in the queue to last me until 2009. Though I might be able to make the beret. I love berets (must be because I wore one to school for nine years as part of my Catholic school uniform) and this one is very simple and not too large. Would be nice in handspun multicolour. Just sayin’.

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