Friday, November 03, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

OK. Alright. Enough already! My house is starting to leak. My water barrels are full to overflowing. There are lakes on the streets where the sewers have plugged with leaf clogs. I’m not going out because I don’t have any hip waders to wear! Full head-to-toe raingear and a golf-sized umbrella couldn’t keep you dry today. Listen rain: go to Australia where they need you desperately. Can’t you hear them all doing rain dances over there?

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yeah. Ofrenda came with me to my guild meeting last night. There are a number of dollmakers in the fibre arts guild (they have a study group dedicated to dolls) so she was well received. They found it hard to believe I made her in only one day. My neck and shoulders disagree — they need a massage!

I forgot to mention about her hands. I painted my birth year on the back of one hand and this year on the other. When I overlapped them and glued them together, I totally forgot about the dates on the back because I was looking at them from the front. It turns out that you can only see the 06 but that's ok. My birth year is still visible. Fluke! So I guess she did cooperate on some things. I decided last night just before I fell asleep that she needed to be hung on the wall. So today I sewed a split ring on the back of her neck and she’s happily hanging in my study. Now she’ll be safe from wear and tear (and grandkid fingers) but she’ll be able to observe the coming year until my next birthday. Here’s a back shot.

I got another single book of the ones I recently ordered from Chapters/Indigo today without any notice. They usually send me an email when they’re ready to ship. This one is “Arctic Lace” by Donna Druchunas. All the reviews I read said it was a beautiful book so I was surprised to see that it’s completely printed in black and white! I was expecting a full-colour production. I will discuss the content when I’ve had a chance to read it, but the subject is qiviut and the Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers Co-op of Alaska. Lace knitting and stories about the people of the north who work with this amazing fibre — this promises to be a fun read. Note that there are a couple of errata here.

In knitting news, I’m up to turning the heels on the adult-sized Ribby Socks. I’ll post the full pattern when they’re done, though it’s just an upsized version of the Kid’s Ribby Socks. Simple but effective. They’ll easily fit wide or narrow ankles and feet. The ribs are somewhat odd, k3/p2, and are nicely stretchy and puffy. I think they make the socks a bit warmer also. I may have to make more of these. Yes, I’m still ignoring the Pomatomus Socks and the Peapod Sweater. I’m hoping to get to the Peapod this afternoon. After all, I’m not going anywhere today. It’s raining cats, dogs, and pink and blue elephants out there! Yuck!

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