Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Storms and Squares

Somebody please shut off that darned faucet in the sky! Pretty please? It so wet and windy out there that I’m stuck in the house, not wanting to venture out even in my rain gear. Remember the puddle photos from last Friday? Not even for a free lunch will I leave the comforts of home today! Here’s the furthest I got, just within my open back door long enough to show you my overflowing water garden. (Too bad it isn’t a video so you can see the effects of the wind.)

Instead I’ve been listening to more podcasts and working on my Not-So-Granny-Square sweater (hereafter referred to as the NSGSC to save typing). I now have two sleeves. I only had to frog the top part of the first one once to get the shaping right. Here’s the second one blocking on my ironing board:

My vintage handspun wool is none too soft but it definitely benefits from a good steaming. I’ve been crocheting more squares for the body. Before blocking they look rather like rippled potato chips:

But as you can see in the sleeve photo, they do relax and behave themselves much better when subjected to a lot of heat and moisture. I hope to diagram the square and post the pattern before I’m finished with this sweater. It has become completely my own design even though I started with a few details from other places. There’s pretty much nothing left of the original patterns except the first 3 rows of the crochet squares and some of the body proportions. I’m one of those people who is an “adapter” — not a “creator”. I don’t suddenly have an inspiration out of the blue and then render it in my chosen medium. It’s more that I see something I like and tweak it into something I like even better. Sometimes I don’t change it much at all and sometimes you can’t tell what was the original model. Or I’ll put together parts of more than one model to get what I want. Ooh, Frankenstein’s Monster Crafts! They live!

Er...ahem. Changing the subject, I was informed by email that I have yet another one of my book order coming in the mail. That's 4 out of 5. How can they offer me free shipping (on orders over $39) when they mail them one at a time in lovely sturdy corrugated cardboard mailers? It must cost them bigtime. But ours is not to reason why, it’s just to get my lovely books which my local stores refuse to stock. Even if they do have it in, it saves me big dollars to order a book by mail. Though the stores are just branches of the main large company, I save my members discount plus very often another big discount on top of that. I can even return them easily if I’m not happy. Either books have one honking big markup when they get into the local store or somebody is losing money here. Probably the publishers and/or authors. Properly, I shouldn’t order from a big box store. But I just want my books! If I can’t buy it locally (and I usually buys 'em where I finds 'em), I’m gonna order it by mail from the cheapest source. However one day I’ll have to quit buying or get rid of some books I already own — before the floor collapses or I run out of shelf space. We're getting pretty close on the latter.

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