Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Big Bang

Before I mention the bang, I’ll start with a whimper. T-Man managed despite my best efforts to share his icky bug with me. I’m going to miss my guild’s Christmas party tonight because I have a sore throat and sniffly nose. Darn. Hope it goes away by Monday. Or even sooner. Plus we’re anxiously waiting an event around here that’s much more exciting than Christmas, the eminent birth of my first grandson! His due date is a week tomorrow but you never know. His big sister was a week early and his dad was 7 weeks early (not recommended if you don’t want baby to spend a month in an incubator). His mom is just hoping for soonest, though I’m sure she doesn’t want to miss the big family dinner. Meanwhile the kid’s on his own time schedule, not ours.

In crafty news I have another FO to report, another quickie one that was begun yesterday and completed today. Here it is blocking (all except the ties which were too long to fit on my board):

Fuzzy Shawl

Begun: December 20, 2006
Completed: December 21, 2006

Yarn: Sandesgarn Chili, furry/bumpy/sparkly novelty, 100% polyamide, 50 g = 65 m, colour 6647 (oceanic blues/greens), 2 balls. Sandesgarn Smart, 100% wool DK, 50 g = 100 m, colour 6545 (blue-green), a little over 1 ball.
Needles: Denise size 13 circular.
Fibermania’s Shawl

Comments: The novelty yarn really looks like water, right down to the clear sparkly bits that resemble water droplets. It’s not quite as soft as the original one I made for myself using Moda Dea Kickx but the colour effect is lovely. Hope she likes it! Yes, I made another fuzzy thing even though these novelty yarns are supposedly “out”. This little shawl’s size, shape and warmth are wonderful when you need a little extra coziness around your shoulders. Ask me how I know.

Next we have the now dry merino/cashmere yarn that I dyed yesterday. Doesn’t it look like the photos of the wonderful red-orange Utah rocks that I posted after my holiday in September? Well that was the plan anyhow.

I somehow got the skein turned around on my skein winder/unwinder so that it was very tedious to get into a ball but I managed without breaking it or throwing a tantrum. So far I’ve knit just one more repeat on the Swallowtail pattern than my first shawlie sample from yesterday, but I’m liking it a lot. Nice when something you plan turns out the way you planned it, eh? Doesn’t happen often.

The bang of the title was one big clap of thunder that made me jump! I had only caught the lightning that preceded it out of the corner of my eye and was pondering what it was when…BAM! Right over my head. And that was it. Lots of dumping rain before and after but no more thunder and lightning. We also missed the storm last night and this morning that traveled all around but never hit here. I was beginning to think this winter was going to be just one storm after another with nary a respite — but we respited in spite.

Happy Winter Solstice! For us here, it’s this afternoon at 4:22 pm PST. Welcome back, Sun!

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Anonymous said...

That will be a great shawl, it will always remind you of your trip. I am transported back to those mountains and canyons just by looking at it.