Friday, December 08, 2006

Magazine Woes

I recently got the Fall ’06 issue of Knitter’s magazine. How come so late, you may ask? Well, I’ve had problems with this magazine lately. For almost a year it hasn’t been available in any of my usual shops. So I finally broke down and got a subscription back in August. That was between issues so I waited. And waited. And waited. After I got back from my vacation in late September I emailed and was assured that the fall issue had just gone in the mail. So I waited some more. No signs. Finally towards the end of November, I emailed again. And waited. I got a reply saying I should of course have received the magazine by now, but since I hadn’t they would send another one out. And it finally arrived. I should be receiving the next issue soon, unless the same thing happens. Hope not.

So why do I want this magazine so badly, you ask? Don’t ask. Besides the fact that I have every single issue and hate to mess up a complete set, this one is pretty much a dud. I wanted to read about the Victorian Lace Today book by Jane Sowerby recently published by XRX (the publishers of Knitter’s), but the article was more about the photo shoot than the content. Nice pictures, boring article, but I’ll still buy the book. Also there’s no patterns in the mag that I would contemplate making without modifications. Serious mods at that. So I'm not contemplating making them. Contrast this with the last issue of Interweave Knits where there were at least 4 or 5 things that were of interest, plus lots of in-depth articles which are my favourite part of any of the magazines. And also contrast that with the new issue of Knitty just up which also has several great patterns that I love, including beaded socks by my friend Sivia Harding, plus some really great articles. And Knitty is free online. No subscriptions or trips to the book store necessary. Great for immediate gratification. And yes, of course good knitting patterns are dependant upon your individual taste. But I don't think my taste is that bad. Conclusion: Knitter’s needs to put more energy into the magazine because the majority of focus seems to be on the Stitches shows instead. (I could tell because I got an invitation to Stitches West weeks before I got my magazine.) And they really need to get a new editor. I’m beginning to see why my magazine shops have dropped this one. Unfortunately I have a two-year subscription! Argh. Remind me that I hate to break up a complete set?

In crafty news, I’ve started a pair of socks — what? You’re not surprised? This one is for my dear little mother-in-law who’s been watching me knit socks for ages without once asking for a pair herself. I’m using slightly thicker sock yarn: Regia 6-ply on 2.25 mm needles. It’s the usual printed faux-fairisle in blues and grey that I found in my stash. I don’t recall buying it but that’s not surprising! I wanted to try a slightly lacey cuff that I saw in an article by Nancy Bush in Piecework magazine. The design was from Estonia and the cuff was on a pair of stranded-patterned gloves. It’s a simple to memorize two-row pattern over 10 stitches that creates a scalloped edge, but I’m not sure I really like it in the printed yarn. I think it would be nicer in something more subtle. But I’m carrying on regardless. Mom has teeny little feet so these shouldn’t take too long to finish. One of the reasons I’m using this yarn for her is that for anyone with larger tootsies, I’d need another ball which I don’t have! Or I’d have to find a plain compatible yarn for heels and toes. Since I still have 2 balls in another colourway, I may have to do that. Though I can get a pair for myself out of this, barely.

Off to my Spectrum surface design group meeting tomorrow for some eating and yakking and show & tell and some serious planning for the coming year. I plan to work on my decoration for the guild's Christmas Exchange. A pair of teensy little mittens in handspun. I'll show you when they're done.

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