Friday, February 16, 2007

Starts & Finishes

Thought you might like to see what the MIL Birthday Socks (aka Nana-socks) look like next to the Ninja’s Birthday Socks (which he still doesn’t have because I haven’t seen him since I finished them).

Notice the Nana-socks are half the size of the Ninja-socks. I should make her twice as many pairs to compensate, now shouldn’t I? The photo was taken before I washed and blocked the Nana-socks and they are now drying, so the FO write-up will happen later.

Of course I’ve already started another project, one that I mentioned in passing before but wasn’t going to start yet. This is the last of the three fuzzy Sister-shawls and I’m definitely liking the colours on this one. Very spring-like. I’ll be finished probably today or tomorrow so I’ll show it off when it’s done. It’s a quick knit for sure — big needles and doubled yarns. Then the next question: shall I mail it or should I wait until she comes down for my daughter’s wedding in April? Maybe I’ll email her and ask her what she prefers. Without giving it all away of course.

As soon as the shawl is done I want to start another TV/bus/meeting/reading plain pair of socks. My 16-year-old niece is next on the Sock List I think, unless T-Man complains that he doesn’t have enough yet. Stop! I just remembered the Regia 6-ply socks. Guess I’ll finish them first. In fact I have several other projects waiting to be finished. Guess I should go check the stack of project boxes. Have I mentioned that each of my projects, both started and ones that have materials and pattern or idea ready to go are stored in a stack of boxes? They’re the ones that the organic baby salad greens come in. The labels come off easily if you pour hot water on the other side of the plastic and slowly peel them off. leaving lovely clear plastic. There are two sizes: about 5.5” X 7” and 6” X 10.5” and they stack nicely. We mostly have the smaller ones because it’s hard for 2 people to eat all of a big one before it goes off and anyway I can’t always find the big ones available. They won’t last forever, being relatively flimsy, but they work fine for now. Better than throwing them in the trash. Only the bottoms are recyclable here (1-PETE); the lids have no number on them so they aren’t acceptable except as landfill.

I’m still feeling under the weather. Don’t know what the bug is or why the migraine must accompany it but I wish it would blow away! Not eating isn’t a great way to lose weight though I’ve already lost a pound or two which I will quickly regain the minute I’m feeling better. I’m trying to eat small meals often but it’s hard when I’m not hungry and don’t feel like cooking at all. Very unlike my normal self! Meanwhile I’m living on constant cups of weak tea. Oh wait — that’s normal. Come to think of it, I need a fresh pot.

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