Sunday, February 25, 2007

There Is No Sun In Sunday

It’s raining yet again and I’m cooking a ham for dinner. It’s honking huge for 2 people but if I have to freeze some of the leftovers for later, so be it. We both love a proper cooked ham as opposed to that pre-packaged stuff. Yum! It smells good. Just waiting for the internal temp to get up high enough to consider it done.

I finished the Regia 6-ply socks, photographed them in their ugly “before” state and then threw them in a 1/4 strength Violent dyebath. Sorry, that’s actually Lanaset’s violet dye that is so intense of a blue-violet that my friend K calls it “Vicious Violet” and I call it “Violent”. (I love it and she doesn’t!) Anyhoo, it toned them into looking much better. Photos tomorrow when they’re dry. They take awhile when the relative humidity is so high. I had exactly 6 yards of yarn left and I had to join in a new length for a couple of rows on one toe. That’s cutting it a bit close for comfort, I'd say.

So of course I started a new pair of socks! Remember the yellow Sisu that I dyed into greens and blues? This pair is for my teenaged niece who very sweetly asked me for a pair when I gifted her mom with that brightly sprightly coloured pair I finished back in January. Her colour pref was teal and this is close. I definitely like knitting with finer sock yarns than the 6-ply. That stuff is too harsh.

This is a short blog post today. If you want to be amused for hours go to Zefrank’s website and play with the interactive toys. Too. Much. Fun.

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