Friday, March 30, 2007

Carryin' On

The view from my living room window this morning:

My days are starting to develop into a new routine. I get up sometime between 6 and 6:30 am, get tea (always first!), boot up the computer, have a few minutes peacefully reading email, shower & dress and grab some breakfast. Around 8 am the Chinese radio goes on signaling that the banging and sawing will commence next door. That’s my cue to get out the earphones and my Palm and head into my studio to work on The Garb. The racket next door carries on with only occasional respites (for their coffee and lunch breaks) until 5:30 pm. Still they are getting on quite quickly. There’s wall studs on the main floor marking off some suspiciously teensy spaces but nothing above that. It seems weird to me to build walls when you don’t have a ceiling but what do I know? They still have another floor and a half to build above the one they’re working in. Plus it’s supposed to rain later this evening, but I guess that isn’t a concern. Or maybe it is.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday full of the scents and sights of spring. It was lovely to get together with 3 of my friends in K’s sunny kitchen for a felting and beading session. Even though I was having a frustrating time trying to arrange the elements of my necklace that includes felt “beads” as well as glass and metal ones. I finally gave it up and decided instead to make more of the long narrow felt bead-shapes to augment the ones I had. I also discovered that I’m sensitive to the smell of the Ivory dishwashing liquid that we used in the hot water to assist with the felting. I rinsed the beads out but I can still smell that scent. Hope it goes away soon. It reminded me why I have to smell every new soap, detergent, shampoo, hand cream, sunscreen or whatever before I buy it. So many products have added perfumes, even ones that are supposedly “fragrance free”. Yuck. And I hate when they change the formula of something I use regularly to New & Improved! It usually changes it to something I can’t use any more and then I have to go on a hunt for a replacement that works as well and doesn’t give me trouble. My nose is itching as I type.

I brought along my Cherry Leaf Shawl to my friend’s house for Show & Tell. Only 2 of the three others who were there are knitters but they are more basic level and don’t knit fancy lace. It was fun to share something that I’m really proud of with them. I’m going through a pretty intense Lace Phase recently and I feel I’ve learned a lot. Hope I can learn more at the one-day workshop I’ll be taking in June that I mentioned in a previous post. No matter how experienced you are there’s always something new to think about.

Well, the other side of my new daily routine is that it isn’t permanent. The house next door will be finished in a few months. And my daughter’s wedding is at the end of April so all the Wedding Garb has to be done by then. Meanwhile I’m putting stuff off and starting up a list of things to do AW — After the Wedding. The list is starting to get quite long. Back to sewing. I have several garments to cut out today.

News Flash! I need a curtain in my bathroom window! The bottom half of the bathroom window is pebbled glass but the top half is clear. That was fine when there was no opposing window next door. But I stood up from the toilet and looked right into the face of one of the workmen next door who was standing on a ladder. Ahem! Never a dull moment around here.

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