Monday, March 05, 2007

Reading Matter

There’s a new issue of Fiber Femmes up (see my sidebar for link) and it comes at a good time. I’m sitting here at my computer with my hot tea and my box of tissues because I got bored lying around in bed reading fantasy novels. I think I’m feeling slightly better today which is good news. Even though I woke up at 3:30 am to go to the bathroom and never got back to sleep. Poor T-Man wasn’t sleeping well either and I’m sure my sniffling and coughing and noisy breathing didn’t help. I’m betting we’ll both be ready for bed right after supper tonight.

Right. Enough about my health (or lack thereof) and back to Fiber Femmes. Unfortunately the patterns this time are almost all washcloths/dishcloths except for a little drawstring bag. Guess they are on the “yes” side of the ol’ washcloth debate, huh? There’s lots of great articles though and I’m still reading them. I love the one on Michael “Wormspit” Cook. We’ve met online ages ago through our mutual interest in tablet weaving. The man is totally amazing in what he can accomplish with silk. He has incredible patience and the ability to work with very fine threads and complicated techniques. Don’t forget to check out his blog as well as the site. Yes, I think that silkworms are cute. They are! Don’t look at me like that.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to continue with the Po-whatzis socks. I’m happy that half of the foot is plain knitting so I only have to concentrate half the time. That’s about how much brain I’ve got at the moment anyway. There’s about another 2 inches of foot before the toe decreases so I’m getting there. Slowly. I’m trying not to pick up the plain Ocean socks instead. They’re just about at the same point as the Po’s, heading down the foot toward the toe. Whichever pair gets finished first will be Number 50 by my lifetime count. Heck, don't know about you, but I'm impressed with me.

I’m supposed to be teaching Intermediate Spinning beginning on Wednesday, assuming we have enough people signed up. I sure hope I’m feeling at least somewhat better by then because I know they won’t want me sniffling all over them. It’s not like there is a substitute teacher when I’m not well so I have to suck it up and go anyway. It would be nice if I had some brainpower, not to mention energy however. I’m not sure whether Intermediate is easier or harder to teach than Beginner. The latter is certainly more work on the first day just getting everybody started. But Intermediates ask more difficult questions! I'm not a technical spinner really so sometimes it's hard to answer in a way that satisfies them. "Try it and see if it works" doesn't cut it when I'm supposed to be the one who knows something.


Heather said...

an intermediate spin class? what do you teach?
i wish i were able to take it!
i learned how to navajo ply, plying just seems magical!
any recommended resources?

Louisa said...

What I teach in Intermediate Spinning kind of depends on the class itself. Since it usually gets cancelled because of lack of interest I've only had to test this a couple of times! I usually try to teach Navajo plying in my beginner classes but not everybody gets it then. I don't really have any recommended resources that I can easily mention here. I have a 2-page handout that I give my newbies. Spinning is such a hands-on thing though that I recommend you find someone local to help you at least get past the beginning stages. Practice lots! Eventually the written stuff will make more sense when you have some experience.