Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why Am I Bothering?

’Splain to me why I’m busting my buns to make fourhundredfiftyeleven tunics? I’m frustrated because I tried to fit the half-finished undertunic on The Ninja yesterday and somehow either it shrank or he gained 4 inches around his middle since I measured him for it. It’s too tight but he swears he will lose the weight he gained in the next 4 weeks. Hope so, otherwise he won’t get this on and I’ll have wasted 3 days out of my life that I’ll never get back. grrr…

His overtunic is slightly wider so I’m hoping it won’t be as much of a problem. But you never know. Am I getting frustrated about now? You bet. And I’ve barely started. It’s so nice and sunny outside but I’m stuck in my studio with noisy hammering and sawing going on next door. Speaking of hammers, this is what I get to look at out my study window now:

Guess they cut the window holes out later? Or maybe there aren’t any on this side. Heh. As long as they aren’t staring me in the face I’ll live with it. I won’t be seeing any more sunsets out this window though. The house next door is too high now. It will be a half-floor taller than my house when it’s done.

I had a lovely but exhausting afternoon babysitting the grandkids yesterday. GD is pushing at her boundaries, getting into things and then getting upset when she is thwarted in her attempts to do something she’s not allowed. Typically two-year-old behaviour. And 3-month-old GS can go from smiling and giggling to full-out roar in a split second. I spent the day without my hearing aids on this time and it was much more comfortable for me. He’s hungry every couple of hours and I’m sure his mom underestimates how much he can pack away. It’s hard to tell when he’s breastfeeding so she pumped what she thinks he will need for 3 or 4 hours but he wolfed it all down and was ready for more. I was just about to give him some water to see if that would make him happy when they returned in the nick of time. Whew! At least he will drink from the bottle unlike his big sister who was much more fussy.

Both kids have colds (as does their mom) so I’m hoping I haven’t caught it too. That’s all I need, hey? T-Man and I did manage to take them out for a walk well bundled up. It’s been sunny but cold. On the way home GD had a chance to play at the little park nearby with a gazillion other little kids. I’d forgotten what a community it becomes with all the parents and nannies and a few grandparents (like us) watching and interacting with the little ones. Quite amusing! She wanted to ride on another little girl’s bike so when we got home, T got out the little tricycle we’ve got (donated by a friend who’s granddaughter grew out of it) and she enjoyed playing on it in the basement. She can’t quite peddle yet but she can push with her feet instead. Trying to run us down is the best part!

So today I’m recuperating and finishing the Tunic That Doesn’t Really Fit. Remind me why I’m doing this again?


Anonymous said...

'Cause ya love em....
and on the wedding day, you'll be happy you said yes as well.

(note to self: *buy* a nice dress for any wedding in the future... :)

Melanie said...

My cure for an overwhelming or totally frustrating day - a quiet nice dinner out followed by an early night and a brand new start the next day. Wished it always happened that way! :)