Saturday, May 05, 2007

More Sittin' Knittin'

Still feeling decidedly under the weather. Even T-Man noticed that I was getting a bit pale around the gills while we were waiting at Home Despot for assistance in purchasing a garden shed that was on sale. He suggested that I might want to go wait in the van and I didn’t argue with him. Good thing I rested up because he needed me to help get the disassembled shed into our old VW van when the package wouldn’t fit no way no how. We ended up taking each piece out and tipping the largest one (the floor) diagonally in through the back hatch. Then the rest went under and over to get it all inside. Talk about your puzzles! It’s not going to be assembled today because he has to clear the space first. Maybe I’ll be up to helping him because I’ve always loved that kind of thing ever since I was a little girl helping my dad. I love putting things together.

So now I’m sittin’ knittin’ on the darn Moose Stocking again. It’s 20 inches long and reduced to 12 inches around now so I just have to carry on for awhile longer and then try to figure out the foot. If I can. If not, Wilfred gets a legwarmer instead. No snarky comments on the somewhat variable quality of my handspun yarn in this project. Some of these yarns are leftovers from 20 years ago or more and they are quite embarrassing. I think I can spin better than that now. At least I hope I can! The colours are nice though and I’m using up bits that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with. In the past I’ve used some in fulled knitting which does tend to disguise the more novelty effects of the old stuff but that isn’t going to happen in this case. Hopefully a nice bath after I’m done and a bit of blocking will help even things out somewhat.

Hey! We now have 10 entries in the Blogiversary Contest! Way to go, My Mostly Silent Readers! Brought you out of the woodwork, didn’t I? Bribery is a strong motivator. Heh. If you haven’t entered yet there’s still about 24 hours left before I get T-Man to pick the two winners. And don’t forget to send me a private message with your snail address. I’m still missing a couple which may have just not come through yet. I promise I won’t sell it to any credit card companies or anything. Your privacy is safe with me. It’s also fun seeing some of your blogs that I didn’t know about before. Thanks for including those addies.

In other news, my rice paddies out front are drying up now thanks to T-Man’s calling the city and having their water engineer come out to crimp off the broken pipe next door. Should have done it days ago and then half my front yard wouldn’t have gotten so soggy. We kept thinking the contractor would do something since it was the backhoe he ordered that broke it in the first place but no. They will have to pay to get it hooked up again however. There’s a whole pipe and shut-off that has to be replaced on the city side before they even get to the private end of it. I’m wishing this was all finished but it’ll be months yet. Oh joy.

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Anonymous said...

Re:Contest - I think it's really unfair to expect too many comments from ME at this time of year!! Tax time is bad enough without having to make favorable comments too!!! hahahaha Loved your hat - how come you didn't make the big horned ones?? Wrong time period???? I think you'd look lovely in a two horned hat with wispy veil . . . .