Friday, June 01, 2007

June Bugs

Happy June! It’s a lovely summer-ish day today and getting warmer. It’s still light when we go to bed (9 pm) and already light when we get up (sometime between 5:30 and 6:30 am). The early mornings are wonderful! It gets hot up here in the studio and study in the afternoons though. But at least I can see what I’m doing. Guess I can't have everything, eh?

Well hey, it worked! I was able to get the cropped pants out of the fabric that I wanted to use by curving the hem and using a facing instead of a folded hem. I decided that this pair is getting funky cargo pockets on the side of the leg above the knees instead of inset pockets at the waist. Don’t be concerned about them accentuating an area that doesn’t need accentuating. My legs from just above the knee to the ankles are quite slim. It actually evens out my pear shape somewhat. And besides I don’t really care as long as it’s practical. I can carry my Palm or my camera and keys on a hike.

I obviously got sidetracked from my fabric inventorying, didn’t I? It took me quite awhile to get all that stuff off the floor and put away for the moment. Well, the whole point was to find out what I had and what I could make from it. Now I know and I have 7 neatly labeled boxes. And I need some new clothes desperately, particularly summer pants. I found several pieces of fabric that would work for shorts too. Gee, I must have got my sewing mojo back after wearing it out temporarily on the wedding garb!

Lest you think that pile of fabrics represents all I have, think again. That was just the stuff that was in my studio. There are boxes full still in the attic! In total, there’s more than 30 years of accumulated junk that I just couldn’t bear to throw out before. Most of it is very antique crap and not much of it is really usable. I already threw out one bag of ugly scraps and horrible material. My new philosophy is if I can get rid of the bad stuff then I can go buy some really good stuff to replace it. My tastes have changed and I’d rather have an idea in mind instead of purchasing a random amount of something on a whim. That way I won’t find myself short a few inches. Yeah, right.

Just heard on the radio that 1 or 2 glasses of wine a day is beneficial for a woman’s health. Oh goodie! An excuse to do what I’ve been doing all along. Not that I needed one. I’d certainly rather have a nice glass of Gewürztraminer than a can of Pepsi. (Ick.) I’m thankful that I have a resident vintner with a new batch on the go at all times. A toast “To your health!” has new meaning now. Sláinte mhath! Santé! Whatever.

Enough stalling. Back to the sewing machine…

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