Sunday, July 01, 2007

Our Home & Native Land

Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian buddies, comment posters and secret blog readers! It’s not really a holiday weekend around Damselfly’s pond because T-Man has to go to work tomorrow like normal. Bleh. Oh well, I should be happy that I had him all to myself for 2 whole weeks just a short while ago. However right now I’m looking forward to heading off to my son & DIL’s shortly for dinner with them and the grandkids. We’ll be sure to toast this great country we are so lucky to have been born in. I know I’ve never seen the eastern part (or even most of the middle part) of it, but what I have seen is pretty amazing. We aren’t known for expressing our patriotism the way some countries’ citizens are, but I’m very proud to be a Canadian. It’s not my fault we have a stone-cold, dead-eyed, Bush-loving Prime Minister. I didn’t vote for him. Unfortunately somebody did.

Sorry, slipped into politics there for a second. Back to your regularly scheduled crafty stuff. Or the cleaning and sorting of the crafty stuff, which is pretty much all I’ve been up to. I’ve dragged everything out of the attic space now but I still have to sort most of it before what’s left goes back in. This is some of what I have to go through:

And inside the now-empty attic is my lovely assistant, Ms. Polly:

She was underfoot while I was hauling stuff out around her and I was having a lovely time trying not to trip over her. Notice how she doesn’t mind the vacuum. She’s deaf as a post now and it no longer bothers her. I can even vacuum her! The vet says the deafness is probably caused by her chronic nasal congestion. Poor old lady. Although she has one eye shut in the photo for some reason, her eyes are ok. She’s pretty creaky going up and down stairs and she doesn’t jump very far any more but she’s actually doing pretty well for almost 20. That’s 96 years old if she was a human.

Now that I’ve got all that stuff out, I’m going to have to clean up the mess I’ve created. But not today. My back has had enough of bending over and my nasal passages have enough dust in them for the moment. There’s always tomorrow. All alone. With T at work. On a stat holiday. Again. Sigh.

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Robin said...

Happy Canada Day to you as well! You have quite the project underway - I'm glad you have good company to help you out. :)