Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sunny Daze

It’s been somewhat quiet around Damselfly’s Pond the last few days. The sun is out and it’s very warm. I don’t have a lot to show for my time spent. The Mosaic Tour on Saturday was quite the hoof (over 7 kilometres) and we never did see all of the stones. We got hungry first! The last few we missed are within a few blocks of our house though so we’ve probably seen most of them anyway. It was quite amusing that we started out with a large group and were down to 3 people at the end! Though more joined us for the picnic which didn’t end up being a BBQ at all. It was enjoyable though we were really tired, not so much from the walk which we do all the time, but because we had already spent the day gardening and housekeeping pretty intensively. And we did more of that on Sunday too.

Yesterday I slept in (until 7!) and didn’t even manage to get completely dressed all day. I read some and knitted some and got all my new books covered. I always put adhesive-backed clear plastic on all my books to protect them as well as my name and the year plus a hand-cut rubber stamp inside the front cover to personalize my collection. They also get entered along with all my magazines, notebooks etc. into my database which is up to over 2500 items now. It represents quite an investment and I like to take good care of it all. Most of it is irreplaceable.

I’ve started pulling out the stuff from the large closet in front of the last attic door. It gets too hot up here and I have to quit well before noon so it’s going to take awhile to finish. My big fan/swamp cooler is my friend. No, I don’t want the gorgeous weather to go away! Even if I do have to water plants every day. It’s so nice to have real summer for a change.

Now that there’s more room in the attic that I recently finished cleaning, some of this closet stuff is going in there. Like my teaching marudais for kumihimo (aka stools with holes cut in the seat). I’d like to be able to hang the seasonal clothing properly and actually get into the attic behind and there’s just too much stuff in the way. Cleaning and organising is such a slow process but it does feel good as each section is completed. Three down and one to go.

In other news, there are teeny tomatoes in my greenhouse and flowers on some of the cucumbers. We have a mutant lettuce in the greenhouse too with leaves the size of dinner plates. Just one is a salad! It was starting to bolt from the heat so I picked the whole top section leaving the bottom to grow some more if it wants to. There are more little lettuces outside. The herbs, beans, broccoli and leeks are growing ok but we don’t have much else this year. I started some basil, cilantro and winter broccoli in the basement but I’ll keep them under lights until I run out of head room. They always stop growing the minute I put them outside. Though maybe because it’s so warm they’ll be ok, but then by the time they’re ready it could be back to the dreary weather we had in May and June. Ya never knows for sure.

I’ll leave you with this from my garden:

Did you know that purple potatoes had such pretty purple flowers?

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