Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Day; Another Yarn

This will be just a short post today. I’ve got a potluck lunch invitation and I’m not going to miss a chance to spend some time with old friends from my weaving guild. I still have to make my contribution to the food and it’s going to have to include some of the only thing that’s really doing well in my garden this year: beans. I’m thinking cold with a spicy Thai-sesame dressing. Yum.

Meanwhile, I finished the next colour in my shawl spinning. This one is not quite as soft as the others but as it’s only going to be a small accent, I think it will be ok. Surprisingly it’s quite a bit lighter in weight than the combed merino at 136 yards and 20 g. I had dyed some lengths of Perendale sliver in leftover Lanaset (Telana) dyestock and this is one of the colours I got:

Yes, deep orange. If you read yesterday’s post you know that’s part of my favourite colour palette! Think marigolds which are blooming profusely in my garden right now along with the volunteer coreopsis and lobelia which popped up when I didn’t have time to plant seeds. I’ve only got a short while to spin some more today before I have to go catch the bus. Or will I knit? Decisions. Decisions.

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Kelley said...

Your account of color is fascinating. I've grown to like all colors, but wasn't always so open minded. It would be interesting to find out how much people's color tastes change over time, wouldn't it?