Friday, August 03, 2007


After skipping a day, the Serbs are back today working on the siding near my window. They’re shingling the whole house in cedar which is undercoated and will be painted over later. (Wonder what colour it will be?) It was interesting that they started by removing the last course of shingles. Perhaps it wasn’t correct somehow? Looked ok to me! Now they’ve replaced it and are continuing. The sound of the nail gun is pretty annoying but it’s interesting to watch the skill with which they work. Not everybody cares enough to do the best job they can.

It’s cloudy but warm today and they’re maybe predicting some rain which might save me from having to water the garden. I was awakened at 5 am by a woman yapping on a cell phone just outside my open window. There was liberal use of the “f” word. Can’t people get a more expressive vocabulary? Of course I didn’t get back to sleep even after the fireworks kept me up later than usual last night. (Sorry, that was the night before. Apparently I lost a day somewhere.) The hazards of living in a city and keeping your windows wide open! With the earlier-than-usual start to my day, I’ve fed T-Man breakfast before he headed to work, got the bed stripped, the first load of laundry in, showered, dressed, email read, some knitting done and it’s not even 9 am. I hope to get the rest of the blanket yarn wound into balls but I found I have to be careful not to overdo it. I’ve been having some shoulder pain which may be either knitting too much or winding too much. Whichever, it pays to pace myself better. Thank you, Susan, for your hints in the comments on how to deal with the colour changes in the weaving. I may just loop the yarns the inch to where they’re needed again and either snip them off after fulling or include them in the seam, whichever looks best and is stable.

So I was going to photograph the several inches of Hepburn Cardi sleeves for you but the light is not good at the moment. You’ll have to take a raincheck on it. Heh-heh! The noise coming through the window is pretty awful here at the computer right now so this will be another short and sadly picture-less post. I’m off to get as far away from this side of the house as possible.

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