Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hurrying Up To Slow Down

I wish the marketing people would stop making time go too fast. It’s all their fault, you know, for making you always feel like you’re running behind. They have Christmas decorations up before Halloween, spring fashions out when it’s still deepest winter and bathing suits and lawn chairs are not to be found in August because all the back-t0-school stuff is out. I’m starting to really resent being hustled like that. I’m trying to go slower, not faster. I’m digging my feet in. If a holiday goes by me without me having all the appropriate decorations up or presents bought, so be it. There’s always next year. Or not. It’s all a marketing ploy anyway.

Along with that attempt to slow things down some, I’ve given my notice at the LYS. I don’t really want to teach any more. It’s just not turning my crank like it used to but instead making me feel anxious and drained. When a class is cancelled I’m relieved. Not a good sign. Maybe I just need a break. Or maybe it’s a more permanent trend. Whatever, I’m sure there’s somebody else out there who can teach spinning. After all, it’s only beginner level. Not like they’re counting twist and measuring grist and telling the difference between crepe yarn and cabled yarn or anything. They just want to make continuous yarn that doesn’t look like the cat got at it. Patience is the most important attribute in an instructor. And for some reason I’m fresh out of it lately. For teaching anyway.

Today I’ve got the loom threaded for the blanket:

Surprisingly it looks better on the loom than it did on the warping board. It remains to be seen what it will look like when crossed with the multicoloured weft. There’s still time for the Dog’s Breakfast Effect to kick in. I suppose I could have overdyed more of the colours to coordinate better but it just seemed like a waste of time and dye. I want this thing woven and on my bed before it gets colder at nights. It’s already been pretty cool at night though it doesn’t have that fall tang in the air yet. Thank goodness. I’m not quite ready to kiss summer goodbye yet. Even though I love late summer and early fall best out of the whole year.

I got another ball of Mega Boots Stretch in blues/purples/olive yesterday at the LYS to start on my DIL’s birthday socks. I think she was hinting that she’d like a bit of lacey texture instead of just plain so I’m going to try the Crosshatch Lace pattern from Charlene Schurch’s More Sensational Knitted Socks book. Unfortunately that will render these socks “unknittable whilst reading”, along with every other project I’ve got going at the moment. Except for the Purple Elephant Slipper-Socks (new name for old project) which are like huge plain socks except with a fuzzy novelty yarn knit into the plain rolled cuff instead of ribbing. The pattern is a free one called Family of Slippers by Chris de Longpré from Knitting At KNoon Designs. Even though I was almost at the toe of the first slipper, I started frogging the whole thing back because I’m dead certain that they won’t shrink down enough in the felting. I’d rather knit it all over again and not full it quite as much than have it come out too large. You can’t frog it when it’s already felted! I’m only getting 12 sts to 4” instead of the pattern gauge of 13 sts and it’s a good inch and a half wider than it should be. The gauge I got is usual for me with this size needles (8mm, US 11) and doubled Briggs & Little Heritage or other 2-ply light worsted weight wool and it’s also common for most other similar patterns. Instead of going down in needle size I’m going to reduce the pattern by 4 stitches for a total of 40. That should make it slightly less elephantine. I hope. It’s the process that counts right? Though I would like wearable slippers when I’m done processing!

In other news, the Serbians are still putting cedar shingle siding on the house next door. I’m pretty tired of the sound of the compressor and the nail gun, not to mention the radial arm saw. Sigh. However, I’d rather they finished sooner than later and they are nearly done. Too bad it’s too warm to shut the windows today. Oh wait. I didn’t mean that! I want it to be summer as long as it can. Guess I just need to go back into the studio with my Palm T/X and listen to some more podcasts while working on the blanket. I have to wind the warp onto the loom yet before I can commence weaving.

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