Monday, August 06, 2007

Something To Crow About

Last evening after dinner on the upper deck, we watched the crows come in and land on our arborvitae and across the street on our neighbour’s huge birches and even huger firs. By the end there were dozens and dozens of them, all making a loud cacophony. As if that wasn’t enough, a friend of said neighbour (who was having a party on her deck) came out and started crowing at the crows! It was hilarious. I think he was trying to scare them away but it certainly had no effect. I’m one of those weird folks (you knew that, right?) who likes crows and finds them very intelligent and fascinating to watch. Though we often get up to a dozen at a time, this was fairly unusual to see them flock here in such numbers. Eventually as dusk fell they all flew off to Burnaby and their usual night roosting places. Of course they were back first thing this morning with our usual wake-up calls.

This morning I divided my blanket yarns into 3 piles: lights, darks, and mediums. Each pile is further divided in 2, half for warp and half for weft. Though the weft in a balanced weave like this one usually takes slightly less than half, I’m giving it a bit of fudge factor. However, it will be interesting to see if I can get the warp out of its half. If so, then I have enough yarn. If not, I may have to consider either adding the yarns I removed from the running or buying some more from my friend — if she’ll allow me to deplete her supply even farther. It’s amazing how much yarn a large blanket uses up!

Today is supposed to be a holiday in BC and it’s a lovely warm (but not too hot) summer day. However, T-Man has to work as usual so it doesn’t feel like one to me either. At least it’s quiet next door. I want to get some work done today so I’ll leave you with a photo collage of my garden colours. BTW, the coreopsis planted itself. Very handy but I’m trying to control myself from picking all the flowers for dye! And isn’t the texture of that coleus unusual? Just call this “practice with the macro feature on my camera”.

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