Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Autumn!

Yes, time flies when you’re having a good time! Fall Equinox happened early this morning. This is absolutely my favourite time of year, All the colours are so inspiring and beautiful. The leaves are just starting to turn here but it’s already feeling cooler, especially at night. We’ve got the furnace on now and the heat cuts in more and more often. Plus I have my first cold bug of the season. Pooh! I’m not too sniffly but I feel like a wet lentil. No idea where it came from but T-Man has it too so that’s proof that he probably picked it up from work. I don’t get out much but I did take the bus to my weavers guild meeting on Thursday where I could have picked up a germ or two. Who knows. I seem to have no resistance to these things. Let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of something like last year’s Flu That Never Ends, eh?

I brought the cactus plants inside before it gets too cold for them outdoors. T wanted to put away the patio furniture — all but one small table and two plastic chairs so we can sit out in the sun when possible. Since the plants were on the big table which was being dismantled for storage it was a good opportunity to bring them in even though it’s quite warm and sunny this afternoon. I still have a few tomatoes in the greenhouse to pick. There’s some mixed greens (mizuna, tatsoi, arugula) in there which should be able to overwinter while I snip them off for salads. In the main garden I still have some leeks that will withstand any weather until I harvest them. Plus a few herbs like rosemary and parsley that should hold all winter. I have several overwintering broccoli plants that will hopefully give me some sprouts come spring. Otherwise we’re just waiting on the first frost when much of the garden will turn up its toes and die back. No hurry though!

It’s a bit late for Talk Like A Pirate Day but I found this great free pattern from Anne Kuo Lukito for Buccaneer’s Booty Socks. I SO want a pair! They could do double duty on Halloween as well. They are going into the Queue and I hope I’ll get around to making them before next year’s pirating celebrations.

Meanwhile I’ve knit and tinked, knit and tinked on my Icelandic Lace Shawl. Such a deceiving pattern! It looks complicated at first but when you break it down, the individual pattern sections seem rather simple. Until you go to work them and find out they get messed up so easily unless you pay attention at all times. Very Zen as you must be In The Moment while working on this shawl. Unfortunately I seem to be lousy at staying in focus. Here’s a button from Krista that expresses how she feels about “Slow Knit-A-Longs are OK”.

I agree — it’s not a race! You don’t win any prizes for a first place finish. Better to post your problems and solutions to help the ones who come after you. Of course you realize I’m also a very slow knitter who couldn’t win a knitting race anyhow! I am however very stubborn (must be my Scorpio influence) and I’m prepared to stick with this shawl no matter how long it takes. I already spent days spinning the yarn so what if it takes many more days to knit it up.

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