Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Five Hundredth Post

Oh my goodness! This really is my 500th blog post! Just goes to show you how much I can blab with my fingers on the keyboard, doesn’t it? I’m impressed with me. I used to be totally unable to keep a journal for more than about 5 entries, never mind 500. Guess I just needed a computer to do it with and a few dear readers to keep me at it, huh?

Which reminds me — thanks, Cynthia, for your thoughtful comment on “Imagination & Visualization” about your child’s imagination play. Apart from my grandkids who are still really small, I’m pretty far out of the loop on current child-rearing. My personal experiences are mostly 30 years out of date! Perhaps that’s why other kids look at me funny when I try to start a conversation with them? “Who is that weird lady and why is she talking to me?” I didn’t think my kid-skills were that far gone but maybe I need a refresher course.

So I think I need to start a 12-step program for Startitis. I just got my Icelandic Lace Shawl cast on and a few rows done on it today. I needed another project like a hole in the head! I already have (in no particular order) the Crosshatch Socks, which are at this stage:

The Darling-Daughter-Dyed Socks (aka DDD Socks), which so far look like this:

Isn’t that yarn gorgeous? I love the way the red bits pool. Couldn’t have planned that to come out exactly if we tried! The Circus Blanket, which is sitting on the loom with only 1/6th woven. The Hepburn Cardi which is stuck on Sleeve Island. That wouldn’t be such a big deal if that was all that was left to knit, but I started on the sleeves! And we won’t even talk about any other UFOs that I can’t see. (The visual version of “la-la-la” with hands on ears.) Meanwhile the dust bunnies are getting serious attitudes, the garden needs watering (it’s been hot and dry – yay!) and the bed needs changing and the laundry done. Between one thing and another I’ve managed to zip through the last few days without noticing until T-Man shows up home from work. He’s starting to think that I leap into action when he gets home, trying to look like I’ve been working hard all day while I was really sitting around knitting and reading. Ummm…he could be right. And he’ll be home soon. With me still on the computer. Knitting on the shawl. Erp!


Anonymous said...

....and his problem is???

I hear that no one is remembered for a clean house!

...a former obsessive house cleaner, now on the 13 step program....( 13 projects :)

Susan... still trying to settle in her new house, and sick :(

June said...

I just love the yarn you are using for the Darling Daughter Dyed socks! Did you dye this or can it be purchased somewhere??