Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Story & I’m Sticking To It

We must have had a good time at Darling Daughter’s birthday party on Saturday because we didn’t get home and in bed until 11 pm! For us that’s like normal people’s 1:00 am. We were so tired that we slept in until after 8:30 on Sunday morning. I managed to get all my tabletweaving books back from DD — she’s only had them since early 2002. I traded her for her own copy of Peter Collingwood’s “Techniques of Tablet Weaving” which I suspect is now OOP. She was happy. I’m happy to have my books back even if I wasn’t planning to do any tabletweaving right this minute.

On Sunday afternoon we babysat the grandkids while their parents went to a wedding. We managed to get out to a nearby playground for awhile but it started to sprinkle on us as we walked home later. Miss K found another little girl to play in the sand with and found it great fun to run around the concrete edge of the empty wading pool with somebody’s abandoned toy car. Her little brother, Mr O the Stargazer had a lovely time in the safe baby swing while I pushed him back and forth. The city workers are still on strike (9 weeks and counting!) and the community centre was closed but, although the playground hasn’t seen any maintenance, it still gets well used by the little kids and their parents anyway. Everyone is on the lookout for nasty garbage or anything deemed unsafe. The interesting thing is how several small toys and some sidewalk chalk were left there and little kids kept coming along and playing with them and then leaving them for the next bunch. I’ve never seen that happen before. I’m sure the regular maintenance crew would have removed them.

Yesterday I read a heap o’ emails and did a heap o’ laundry. Fun stuff. I don’t really have any good crafty reports except that I’m 3/4 of the way down the feet on the Crosshatch Socks and turned the heels on the DDD Socks. BTW, for June who asked: the yarn for these is Sisu (originally white) and was dyepainted in skein form by my daughter which is why they are called the Darling-Daughter-Dyed Socks! Just FYI. I’m up to Row 44 on the Icelandic Lace Shawl and it seems to be coming out ok now after its initial bout of PITA Syndrome. Each of the yarns feels so different from the last that it’s kind of a challenge to knit. The blue fox was especially sticky on the Addi Lace needle tips for some reason. Looks interesting but more like a cat hammock than a shawl so far. The rows are getting shorter, but not fast enough! I’ll take a photo when there’s enough light around here. Today is overcast and we’ve had a few rain sprinkles on and off. It’s not terribly conducive to photography sessions.

From the nice sunny warm weather we had last week it’s down to only about 14 degrees Celsius today (that’s 57 F for you non-metric folks). We have the furnace turned on but we’ve kept the temp down to 18 C (64.4 F) so it hasn’t kicked in hardly at all yet. I’m wearing socks and a fleece sweatshirt though! Eventually we’ll have it go up to 20 in the morning and evening but I’d like to hold off until well into October if I can. Guess it depends on how cold it gets at night. So far my cactuses are still outside. I think they bloom better if they get some cool weather before they come indoors for the winter. There’s no chance of them freezing out there yet so they’ll be fine for a few more days or a week until I get around to bringing them in. It’s definitely feeling a little Autumn-ish.

I nearly forgot — just in case you were waiting for the report, the house next door is now a muted sage green with a darker forest green at the base and white trim. It’s quite pretty actually. But then my bedroom is almost the same shade as the base green so I must like it. (I think it needs some orange trim though!) They’re still working on it, mostly inside since it’s been raining. Rumour has it that it’s going to be at least another month until it’s done. Bleh. We’re counting over a year now since they started demolition of the original siding. Talk about your long-drawn-out projects. Oh yeah — and I still need to post a photo of the brick and cobblestone entryway from our side gate now that it’s completed. Note that it’s on the opposite side of our yard to the construction zone. We’ve been pointedly ignoring that side until they’ve quite finished messing it up.

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